Dodd Family Reunion

We had our Dodd Family reunion last week and it was an absolute blast! Everyone came to Logan and we had so much fun together. It was my dad's entire side of the family that came, so my grandma and her four kids and their families, and their families:) We have sure grown over the years, and just keep getting bigger, so its fun to have these reunions and stay connected with each other. We have always made an effort to get together with our cousins so we are all really close, even though sometimes we only are able to see each other once a year. When we do see each other it's like we never left, its the best. Our Grandpa Jim passed away in March 2011, two days after I left on my mission. We sure miss him. He was the best grandpa, always so excited to see his grandkids and genuinely cared about our lives. Not to mention his tall stature of 6' 3, his love for John Wayne movies,  and his southern roots.  Here's one of my favorite pictures of him and my grandma:

We always make a t-shirt for each reunion, and I think that this year's is my very favorite. It said, "the Ddodfather" and has a picture of him next to it. I love my family, and I'm so grateful we get to be together for these reunions, and more importantly, forever! We had a great week together and here's about a million pictures of the fun:

Family home evening in the backyard, Uncle Bob gave the lesson:

Also at family home evening, a game basically wacking each other with pool noodles, trying to knock off a piece taped to each person's shoulder:

We also went bowling one day at Pop n Pin Lanes in Preston, ID:) This is where they filmed a part in Napoleon Dynamite and we were able to rent out the entire place which was fun. My mom's from Preston and her dad started this bowling alley, so it has some fun memories for her. (other side of the family) These bowling pictures were all taken by my cousin Jessy and show those awesome shirts I was talking about:) 

Halle with her Grandma Great :) 

The whole group:

One day we went to Bear Lake! It was a little overcast when we first got there, but it turned out to be perfect and so fun. Halle slept through most of it, which was nice :) 

One of the days my cousin Jeremy and his wife Vicki were sealed in the temple! Vicki was baptized and they got married a year ago, I blogged about it here. It was such a happy happy day. Kevin took care of Halle so I could be at the sealing. It was so amazing to all be in the sealing room together.

My dad and his siblings, such weirdos;)

24th of July Fireworks, yay for pioneer day!

I think the last day of the reunion was everyone's favorite day. We played The Amazing Race! Everyone was divided into their different teams and raced around Logan to different locations and completing different tasks. I took Halle so Kevin could play, but it was fun to take their pictures at the finish line:

Jessy arranged the Amazing Race and did such a good job!

After the race my dad whipped out the slip and slide. Next to my parents house is this little storm drain which makes a little grassy hill, so its the perfect place to slip and slide:

Out to eat at Cafe Sabor:

We also took family photos! This one is our sweet Grandma Jody and her great grandkids. It was so fun to add Halle to the mix, We love our Grandma!

This is the whole family minus Grandpa Jim and our Uncle Mark. I am so grateful for my family!

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