Memorial Day, Jumping in a Lake, and ENGAGED!

Hillary and Tanner are engaged! But I'll get to that eventually..:) 
As I mentioned in previous post, Kevin has been training for triathlons lately, and his next one is actually this Saturday at Daybreak Lake. So last week I came home from work to find that he'd bought himself a wetsuit and wanted to go try it out! So off we went to Daybreak Lake which is conveniently only about 10 minutes from our house! There were lots of "No Swimming" Signs but that didn't stop Kevin. He's crazy. haha. Navy was freaking out when Kevin jumped in, I think she thought he was in trouble or something. So she dived in too, swam to him, and then high tailed it back to me as fast as she could. I'm really excited for Kevin to participate in the real thing! 

And the best I could do was get a baby bump picture taken. No jumping in the lake for me :) 

On Memorial Day we headed up to to Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon. I had never been there but had heard how beautiful it was. It did not disappoint! I can't wait till next time we go and bring a canoe! Utah is breathtaking. 

Hi I'm huge: :) 

You know me, always adding random photos to these photo dump blog posts, this is one that was recently taken when we were in Logan for my baby shower (previous post) Navy kills me :) 

Hillary and Navy being BFFS:

These two are my very favorite:

This is where I found Navy sleeping the other day. haha just make yourself comfortable Nave!

Okay, and now the most EXCITING NEWS! My sister is (finally) engaged! 

Tanner texted me a couple weeks before telling me that May 20th was the day and that he wanted my help. I was so excited that this was finally happening! I remember Hillary writing to me back in 2012 when I was on my LDS mission, telling me that she was dating Tanner and that they were talking marriage. Then I got home, they broke up, Hill went on a mission, she got home from mission, they've been dating for six months since she got back, and now they're engaged! I can't tell you how happy I am about it! My family loves Tanner and we're so glad he'll be apart of the family. 

I had Hillary and my mom come down the day, telling them we would have a girls day and shop for baby stuff:) Meanwhile Tanner was texting me, giving me updates since the ring was set to arrive that day. He had me change his name to "Kevin" in my phone so Hill wouldn't get suspicious. He picked a spot at Thanksgiving Point. Originally it was going to be in the beautiful gardens there, but then it was rainy so he told me to bring her to the atrium and find the worker with a pink plaid shirt and brown hair and tell her when Hillary was there. So I got her there, and we gradually made our way through the gift shop back to the Atrium. I saw said worker, and when we were close enough to her, I randomly told her to take off her coat. She was so confused and thought I was acting so weird, but she did, and then I told the worker, "This is Hillary" and she was even more confused! haha But then the worker took Hillary back where Tanner was waiting in the atrium, and that's where it happened:) My job was also to take pictures, so naturally I took a million. I was taking them through glass so some of them are a little blurry, but they turned out great. I am so excited for these two to get married! 

Funny funny story about Tanner becoming my brother in law though. So back in 2009 at the beginning of my sophomore year of college, a friend of mine, pictured below in yellow, set me up on a blind date with his friend Tanner. Funny, huh? Hillary was a senior in High School at the time! It was a fun date, only lasted a couple of hours, ended with a hug, and that was that. All in all a positive experience. (thankfully) haha SO when Hillary wrote me on my mission telling me she was dating him, I was all for that because I knew Tanner was a great guy. Pretty Hilarious though eh? 
And here's the proof:haha

I AM SO HAPPY FOR THESE TWO! Its going to be quite the summer for my family. We're having a baby, my younger brother Austin gets home from his mission, and Hillary and Tanner are getting married. I can't even wait! 

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