Kevin the Triathlete

Kevin competed in another Triathlon yesterday and I wanted to do a post just dedicated to him and his awesomeness! Side note, A few days ago I was looking back at a bunch of my old blog posts and I can't tell you how grateful I am that I have been blogging! I have been terrible at keeping a journal, so I'm very glad we have this little slice of the internet dedicated to documenting some of our lives. Its so fun to share what's going on with us with family and friends we don't see as often. I love being inspired by other people and their lives. I love learning from their perspectives. Blogs are great. Blogging friends, keep blogging because I love reading yours too. :) 

ANYWAY. Kevin did the Daybreak Triathlon yesterday and I am so so so so proud of him! I love how when Kevin wants to do something, he goes all in. He has been training, eating, researching, and doing all sorts of things to prepare for this, and has goals for the future as well. I'm so happy it makes him so happy! 
It was a gorgeous day for a triathlon, unlike last time Kevin did one and it rained the whole time. And, Daybreak is really beautiful! It was the perfect place for a triathlon because everything was all in the same place basically, which made it a lot easier for me and my pregnant self! They started out jumping in the lake and swimming 800 meters, biked 14.3 miles, and ran 3.3 miles. The bike portion started and ended in the same spot, and then the run was around the lake. Kev got 38th out of 400 or so (not sure an exact number there) He did so good! 

Here's all the athletes jumping in the (cold) lake in their wetsuits: Brrrrr

 All those yellow swim caps just swimmin away:

 At this point I was really happy to see Kevin because I thought I had lost him and I worried I had missed him and he had already gone to the bike portion! 

This is him handing me his wedding ring. Its really amazing that he hasn't lost it yet;) 

 Running to this bike:


 While I was waiting I took some random pictures. It was seriously so so beautiful with the mountains, the lake, the flowers. 

 Next came the running portion:

And the finish line!! Ah I love this guy. :)

Beautiful day and great accomplishment for Kevin! 


  1. Congrats to your hubby!! That is quite an accomplishment! :)

  2. Kirk White (Pops)June 7, 2015 at 10:04 PM

    Congrats Kevin. Tri's are awesome tests of the body and mind - especially the swimming. Daybreak looked good that day for you. I paced a half marathon there a few weeks back in pouring frigid rain and 40 degree temps, and almost died of exposure and chills. What a difference a day(break) makes! Proud of you!