Farewell to the Smith Clan (and puppies)

This weekend we got together with some of our friends before Joni, Tren and Vaeda leave us for Virginia and Dental School :( Braden, aka Fizz orchestrated the whole thing and drove down from Boise for it. What a guy! It was so fun to be with our good friends. It doesn't seem real that the Smiths will be so far away! :( I guess we'll have to go visit, I've never been to Virginia.  Here is our cute group: 

The boys spent a large majority of the time playing Spikeball. Kevin ordered the game a few weeks ago and is obsessed with it! Us girls had some good chats:)

 Brittany brought her cute puppy Cooper, so him and Navy were entertained for hours:

 I think Vaeda is maybe the cutest little girl ever. She loved the dogs and kept saying, "hi" to them:) 

 We love this group and will sure miss the Smiths! 

After the party Fizz came back with us (he was staying over) and Brittany had to take a shift at the hospital, so we got to bring Cooper over for a few hours! He and Navy actually came from the same breeder, so we think they're related somehow, especially because they look so much alike. We also had Sheba over (my parents dog) for the weekend because my family was in Denver for my bro's lacrosse tournament. So we had a full house of dog visitors! (and Fizz) I don't know how people have that many dogs though, I think I'm okay just having one.  I was having way too much fun giving them treats and taking their picture so here's lots of dog pictures :) 

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  1. Okay I clicked on your link to read about your baby girl and then started going back in time! And I just love the dog party pictures! They're the cutest! And you're the greatest for having them all over!!