Livin for the Weekends

We have had some pretty fun weekends lately that I wanted to share some pictures from. These days I'm feeling super pregnant so we don't do a lot, but we have been able to spend time with our family which we love. One hard thing about being pregnant for me had been not being able to just pick up and go on a hike when I want and be super active like I usually am. But its more than okay. I feel this little girl kicking me all the time and its simply the best. Its getting closer and closer and we really can't wait to meet her. So, until then, I'm fine with laying low. :) 

A couple weekends ago we went to the dam with the fam and fed some of those dam ducks some bread. :) 

We worked hard to get this picture perfect moment of Tanner feeding the geese:

The sibs minus Austin:

The rents:

Coolest little bro:

As always, we played with our Navy pup, she's just always so happy and it's contagious! 

A beautiful sunset:

Our fav place:

My parent's dog Sheba. Love her. 

I've been so proud of Kevin lately! He has made the goal of running Triathlons, and eventually he wants to do an iron man! He's crazy. But he has been training very consistently with riding his bike to work, running during his lunch hour, and swimming in the evenings. He had his first one in Bountiful last weekend and he did so good! Even though it was in the pouring rain :) His next one is in Daybreak on June 6 and Navy and I can't wait to go cheer him on! 

I love spending weekends with my sister. Its simply the best. PS the bump is getting HUGE.  

Sunday walks. Is there anything better? 

This walk was taken on Mother's Day. It was so wonderful to spend the day with our wonderful mother. We also got to talk to my little bro Austin before he comes home from his mission in a month and half. It was a perfect day! 

Recently we got to babysit our nieces and nephew while their parents went to the temple. We had a great night at the playground, eating pizza, watching movies, and playing games. Love these kids! 

Recently we also went to Asher's 3rd birthday party. This kid loves his cars and trucks and got plenty of them! It was so fun to see him so excited! 

We also were able to go to the Payson temple open house with Kevin's sister Lachelle, husband Rob, and the nieces and nephew. It was such a gorgeous, HUGE temple. It was really amazing. 

We have really enjoyed watching my little bro Brandon's lacrosse games this season. The kid is only a freshman and starts varsity AND scores lots of goals. Its so fun watching him play! His team just won the State championship last weekend! It was so fun and we are so proud of him! 

So proud of our little brother! 

We love the weekends! Especially Navy pup :) 

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