Hawaii Part 3 #Babymoon

I totally posted our days in Hawaii out of order so this is the last day and then posts after are in reverse to the beginning of the trip. We absolutely loved our trip and I am so so thankful we got to go for our anniversary, babymoon, and see some of our close friends. Best trip ever!
In our last night in beautiful Hawaii we stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort which was incredible! Such a nice hotel. We ate dinner outside and watched the surfers till the sun set next to the pool. 

Mango Pina Colada. yum!

Another 28 week baby bump picture because this tree was cool. haha

So dreamy:

The waves here were seriously unreal and I just couldn't stop taking pictures! 

The next two are some of my favorite pictures of Kevin. What a hunk!

We decided to go paddle boarding at Kawela Bay and decided to get a pineapple along the way :

I spent most of my time in the water rather than standing on the board. It was nice:

Go-pro cheesin it:

Those waves! 

Thanks Hawaii for being so amazing! We loved you and you were the perfect "babymoon" destination! 

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  1. ah how fun! I'm so jealous, it looks so pretty and so fun!