Hawaii Part 2 #Babymoon

One morning we wanted some more beach time so we headed to Waimea Bay. My sister Hillary went to BYU Hawaii her freshman year and told me that was her favorite beach, so we for sure went there. I was that annoying person taking pictures with the go pro out of the convertible on the way there. But hey, we were on vacation, right? 

It was so so beautiful. (weird) There is a rock that people were cliff jumping off of, and it I wasn't pregnant I totally would have done it. Next time. :) We had so much fun swimming at this beach, the waves were so huge and they broke really close to the shore. We were seriously having a blast and I felt like we were two little children at the beach. Being pregnant in the ocean is the best feeling, with the waves taking the weight of my pregnant belly. loved it! 

Week 28 baby bump picture at the beach:

After the beach we went to the cute town of Haleiwa to have some lunch. We ate at a place called Teddy's and it was delish! 

Our friend Kristin really hooked us up and was able to get us a great deal to the Polynesian Cultural Center! (Thanks Kristin:) I loved the center, we walked around and were able to go to all of the day shows except for one. It was a really cool place! My favorite shows were the canoe show and the Somoan show. 

Kevin insisted that I get a laie:

That night we ate at a Korean BBQ place. Of course Kevin was in heaven and we had fun having him translate all the Korean symbols on the signs:

One morning we headed to CLIMB works where our friends Mike, Steph, Adam, & Kristin work. It was really fun to see the course, it was beautiful! These three guys had a grand ole time together. They crack me up when they're together. 

There are dual lines throughout the whole course, unlike the course in Tennessee. It was pretty awesome!

This girl. Adam and Kristin were so wonderful and let us stay at their house for a few nights during our trip. AND get this: they let us sleep in their king size bed instead of the air mattress. (would have been a little hard on my pregnant self I think) So we slept in their bed and they slept on the air mattress! They are the kindest, most genuine couple and are a perfect match. Not to mention they also shared their beach towels, scuba gear, and fed us breakfast every morning. They're the best! Thanks guys:)

I passed on the ziplining, but Kristin and I took the Polaris and followed the boys around the whole course, it was great! 

The crew besides Steph, she had a test to take this morning! 


  1. I love Hawaii, and you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Your trip looks like a dream!!

  2. Ahhh Come back to us!!!! We didn't get nearly enough time with you two! I wish so bad I could have eaten at the Korean truck with y'all and I wish I could have been there when Kev buried himself in the sand, that just cracks me up! Love youuuuuu

  3. I love all these Hawaii posts! Looks like it was so much fun! I'm glad you guys are enjoying just being the two of you before baby comes! You're looking so dang cute!