First couple days in Hawaii #babymoon

So Kevin is basically the best husband ever for planning us a trip to Hawaii! We decided we wanted to take a fun vacation together before the baby comes, and originally we had decided we would go to San Diego, which we both were very excited about. Then Kevin started really looked at prices for everything, and it wouldn't cost too much more to go to Hawaii! So we both got the time off work and planned our trip to Hawaii! It was my first time in Hawaii and Kevin's 4th. #spoiled ;) When I was a freshman in College my family went to Hawaii without me because they all had the same spring break but I had finals week. So its been this running joke in my family that I'm the only one that hadn't been there, even though I'm the oldest. So no more of that joke familia! We had such a great time and we had a nice relaxing vacation for our "babymoon" If I hadn't been pregnant we probably would have done more things like some hikes, etc, but we took it easy and it was just perfect!

The first couple days of our trip we stayed in Waikiki at a hotel. It was fun to be in the city for the first part of our trip, but I liked ending our trip more in the country. This first day we were just so excited to see the beach! We're both pretty dang white. hah get it? ;) 

Can't go to Hawaii without getting a giant shaved ice:

Waikiki at night was super pretty:

Something else we did while there was hike to Manoa Falls. It was so gorgeous and pictures can't even do it justice. They filmed parts of Jurassic Park and Lost here. I didn't get great pictures of the hike but trust me, it was incredible! (and easy enough for a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester:) And PS I don't know why there's a weird line in this picture. 

There's the falls back behind us: 

After our time in Waikiki we headed to North Shore where some of our good friends live! First we met up with Mike and Steph and ate some lunch and went to the beach! It was so good to see them and hang out. We stayed with Adam and Kristin who we met up with later that night, they are the best for letting us stay with them! I love friends :) 
Notice the red convertible? We totally lucked out with that, Kevin asked the car rental people if they had an extra convertibles and they told us to take one. Kevin was on cloud 9! :)

And I love the beach :) 

Mike and Steph at the nude beach. 
jkjk :) 

This is not the most flattering picture but I think its hilarious

The next day, April 12 was our 2nd Anniversary and was probably my favorite day of the trip! 
We went to the Laie Temple and holy cow it is GORGEOUS! I was blown away! There's such a peaceful feeling on the grounds, I loved it. And I always love going in a Visitors Center, reminds me of my own VC days. Except I'd have to say there's quite a difference between Missouri and Hawaii :) 

Then we went snorkeling at Shark's Cove. (Thanks Adam and Kristin for the snorkeling gear!) We didn't get too adventurous because the waves were a little choppy and Kevin was worried about me getting hurt on some of the coral. (Overprotective of the bump, don't blame him) What a cutie. But we still were able to see some fish and had a fun time. 

Then we headed to Sunset Beach and just relaxed. It was so wonderful and peaceful. I can't think of many things I love more than just relaxing in a beautiful place with Kevin. We had some fun conversations in this changing time of our life and it was really just the perfect day, the perfect anniversary for my sweetie and I. 

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