Easter and Spring!

As I update my blog, my first instinct with these pictures is to say how awesome its been to have warm spring weather in Utah, but it just snowed and the weather has gotten a little cold, so that was a bit short lived. But I'm sure it will be back next week, right? :) 
We've had some weekend visitors lately which I absolutely love. Hillary and Tanner came one weekend and even though it was short, we had a grand old time. We went and saw the movie, "Insurgent." I thought it was good, but I didn't love it. Movies are never quite as good as the book. :) Then on Saturday we went to good old Ikea, where it seems that Kevin and I are spending a lot of our time lately :) I love hanging with Hill and Tanner. Having a sister=automatic couple friends, its the best! They are really great together. Also, See the cute cute shirt Hillary is wearing in the next couple photos? That's a shirt I bought but it definitely will not work while I'm pregnant. I wanted SOMEONE to wear it so I'm letting her wear it while I can't, as long as if she gets a compliment on it she says its mine. Such a sister thing eh? haha

These days I ALWAYS wake up before Kevin. I blame it on pregnancy, and also I know he is milking it for all its worth before the baby comes and he doesn't get to sleep in anymore :) So on one such a morning I got this cute picture:

 Another weekend my parents and Brandon came down and we went to Brandon's lacrosse tournament. He was always super sweaty after his games and wouldn't take a picture with us. The kid is so good at lacrosse though! He is only a freshman and is playing on the varsity team scoring all sorts of goals and such. Proud of my bro! It was fun to watch him play and have them all stay at our house! 

 That night after the games my mom and I met up with more family and went to the General Women Meeting on Temple Square! My sister in law Lachelle and niece Eliza came, it was a great meeting and its always so fun to be there! 

Here's the whole crew including Aunt, cousins, sister, mom, sister in law and niece!

 There is a gorgeous and HUGE park right by our house, along with the Rec center and library. Its part of what sold us on our house actually. We took a walk one night and it was fantastic. Spring just makes me happy! 

For the weekend of General Conference and Easter we headed to Logan to spend time with my family. It was a really nice and relaxing weekend. I can't wait to go back and read the talks. Conference and Easter combined just make a fantastic weekend really focusing on the Savior. What could be better? 

 Lake Powell puzzle is completed! 

 Navy loves my dad. Its pretty hilarious. 

 In between sessions we walked to Old Main Hill on Utah State Campus and rolled Easter Eggs down the hill. I think this is an old tradition for some reason somewhere but I'd have to google it. We went and joined the fun, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. 

haha this one kills me:

These last pictures are some we took on a Sunday after church, I was trying to document the bump but made Kevin and Navy get in on the action:) 

PS My little brother serving his LDS mission in Indianapolis, Indiana actually sent a picture this week so I had to document it! He gets home at the very end of June, (4 days before the baby is due:) and I AM SO EXCITED!!! 

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