April: a month of anniversaries

April is indeed a month of anniversaries for us, or more accurately, a month of remembering great memories. The best anniversary to remember and celebrate is obviously our wedding anniversary. April 12, 2013 was the best day ever and I love looking back and remembering that amazing day. It was the ideal wedding day being surrounded by friends and family, being sealed together as a family for time and all eternity. F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  I know that because of Jesus Christ that is possible. I remember waking up the morning after we got married and wishing I could just start over and relive the day again, or at least be a fly on the wall. :) I absolutely love when I hear people tell me how much they loved our wedding and what they remember about it. Its one of my favorite things to hear! 
I wrote about it here, but we recently went to Hawaii for our second wedding anniversary. It was a DREAM. 
I love being married to Kevin. We are far from perfect, but he is definitely the perfect match for me. In ways that I am weak, he is strong and vice versa. I feel like we are a great team. I just can't imagine my life without him. Its crazy to think how much has changed and what we have accomplished in the last couple years together. 
We have been on many adventures and have had some big changes. The biggest one of all would definitely be that we are expecting our newest family member in a few short months, I would say that's pretty life changing :) Some of my favorite highlights of our life together so far would have to be our Navy pup, graduating from Utah State, moving all over the place for different jobs, and buying a house. Our two years together has not all been perfect by any means, but we have grown together in ways I hadn't perceived we would and its been amazing. I love looking back on that first year of marriage and thinking how differently I look at things now! 
Another reason why April is an anniversary month for us is because five years ago, in April 2010 we went on our first date! Five years! That feels like so long ago. Life is pretty great, because I think of who I was back in 2010 and I feel like such a different person. Obviously still me, but now I'm such a better me, and I hope to continually become a better me throughout my life. That's how life should be, continually improving and getting better, right? 

Our first date was on Earth Day, 2010, (see, those April anniversaries!) but the story starts a little before that. I'm in a reminiscent mood, so just enjoy this trip to memory lane with me :) 
March of 2010 I had no plans for Spring Break. It was my sophomore year at Utah State. A friend in my student ward told me about a trip he was going on to Tijuana Mexico with Charity Anywhere to do a Humanitarian work, and invited me to come along. He said that it would cost $250 for gas and food and that we were staying at an abandoned hospital so it was a pretty cheap trip. I said what the heck and decided to go. Who knew that that decision would ultimately change my life. For reals! Because I would meet Courtney Anderson. We met that first night in San Diego as we were all about to cross the border into Mexico,  I asked if she knew the score to the Aggie game, (before we lost service for a week) and it was one of those things where we just became the best of friends, we couldn't even help it. 
After we got back from the trip, I finally had the courage to break up with my boyfriend at the time, and I was shown that God is in the details of our lives, because as I started hanging out with Courtney, I was introduced to a friend of hers, Kevin! 

So hence Earth Day, 2010, when Kevin took me on our first date. We made tin foil dinners, ate otter pops, and watched the Disney Earth Day movie: We look like such BABIES: 
Kevin was the sweetest guy ever and invited me to hang out with the group, and soon enough I was spending time with some of my closest and dearest friends, that are still our friends today. 

Summer 2010 was a super confusing time for Kevin because I was giving him mixed signals times a million. I really wasn't very nice. Shame on me. :) The poor guy really liked me and just wanted to date. And sometimes I would act like I was into it and other times I wasn't at all. Poor guy. Really I was just trying to figure things in life out and I wasn't sure what I wanted. 

Finally, right before school started again in August 2010, Kevin gave me an ultimatum. He said that either we dated or we didn't, and he would date other people. Initially I said okay, lets not date. But then I came crawling back to him like a week later and told him okay, lets date, lets do this. haha. 
So that's when we were officially dating. But, this was also when I was figuring out why I was so hesitant about everything. I was feeling like I should go on a mission. And I didn't want to, not at all to be honest. But the feeling just wouldn't go away. It was rough. It was a time in life where all that I wanted was just be in love and get married. But, Heavenly Father had other plans for me, so I submitted my mission papers WITHOUT telling Kevin. I know, terrible of me. Its really a miracle we're together today people. I told Kevin that the call was coming, and he wasn't too happy. (obvi) I knew undeniably that I was supposed to go on this mission. And Kevin thought for sure that I wouldn't go and that we'd just get married. It was a sad/happy time for us, those few months leading up before I left. But I'll never forget this day:
This was some of our best friends, Sam and Jennika's wedding day in San Diego. He was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid. It was right after Christmas and during Christmas break, so I hadn't seen him for a couple weeks. When we were reunited in California, it just came over me how much I loved him. (sappy, sorry:) Like on this day, I just knew how much I really really loved him, where as before I was so hesitant unsure about everything. So then we only had 2 more months together till I left and it was so sad. It makes me sad thinking about that time. I don't know how I went on my mission and I think my mom was sure I wasn't going to go. But I went, because I undeniably knew its what God wanted me to do. 
We wrote lots of letters back and forth and its so fun to have them now. 
So, after all this, you can imagine that I had a hard time at the beginning of my mission. Kevin's letters were lifesavers. He was the sweetest supporter and it helped so much that he had been on a mission and knew what it was like. Right after I'd left the MTC and arrived in Missouri was April 2011 General Conference. I don't remember the exact talk, but I remember a talk that focused on the fact that we know that death is not the end, and that we will be with our loved ones again after this life. I remember immediately thinking of Kevin, as his mom that passed away when he was 17. I wrote him a letter that week, telling him that I had thought of him, and that I knew he'd see her again. It was just a little thing, and I thought nothing of it. Kevin ended up receiving that letter on April 7, the anniversary of the day his mom passed away, and ended up writing me to tell me how much it meant to him to get my letter that day. I had no idea! I am so grateful that God is in even the little tiny details of our lives. :) 
So, there you have it, our little story. I came back from the mission and the rest is history:) I am so glad that it worked out the way that it did. There were so many days I was convinced that it could never work out, but it worked out better than I could ever have imagined. Good thing God can see the big picture. Soooo that's why April is a month of anniversaries and memories for us. I've been thinking about all of the things I mentioned above lately, so here's this looong blog post with old photos. Sometimes its really fun to take a walk down memory lane like that. 
Happy Anniversary month Kevin White! 


  1. you guys are seriously the cutesT!

  2. So cute! Our stories are very similar.. except I didn't go on a mission.. i just was indecisive! You two are adorable! Happy Anni! :)

  3. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST EVER!!!! You two are my favorite couple in the world. I'm so glad we both went to Tijuana--changed both of our lives!!!
    I love this story and I love you and I'm grateful for such wonderful friends like you guys. I think I will love the 3rd White just as much! Cant wait!!