We Bought A House!

Well, we are homeowners! But first of all, man, I have been seriously neglecting the ol' blog lately. I have a pretty good reason for not blogging though, we have been seriously busy! The last month or so has been a whirlwind with moving into our new house, and doing a little bit of work on it. When we moved in, it was by no means a fixer upper, but there were a couple things we wanted to do (and still plan on doing) to make it our own. 
We are absolutely loving being in a home, its been so fun! Without further ado, here are some photos of the house so far. I've started decorating, but am taking it pretty slow. Here are some pictures of some of the main rooms we have done some work to/decorated. Its been so fun to slowly mold this house into a home!

Kevin's "I hate taking pictures please make it stop" face:

My parents are amazing and came up the second weekend after we had moved in to help Kevin with our new floor! You can see the old floor in the background, some parque hardwood, and although it wasn't terrible by any means, we decided to do our own floor. These guys worked so hard and and I love them both for it!

While they worked my mom, sister and I shopped:) 

This is our bedroom, I just cleaned the house yesterday, so of course I took these pictures, it's usually not this clean. :) 

The Kitchen:

This is the family room off of the kitchen. It's probably the room that has changed the most. There used to be carpet, the walls were yellow, and the fireplace was wood:

After lots of work it looks like this:

I'm not finished decorating this room yet, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about it. But until then here it is:

Huge shout out to Kevin, he's been working SO hard. I wish I had a good before picture of this door into the backyard, but Kevin framed the door, added trim in the family room, living room, and hallway, and added some new blinds. It looks so good! Navy now has her very own dog door which has made our lives so much easier. 

The only problem with the doggy door is muddy paws. Well we found a solution and its pretty dang hilarious, but seems to be working:

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the living room right off of the front door. It was also painted yellow originally and yellow is my favorite colors, so I've been super stoked to decorate this room and finally did! I still have a couple other walls to figure out but I finished one of them:

It has this awesome bay window and Navy has made it her perch to survey the neighborhood. A couple of the neighbors have actually commented on it, its pretty funny. She waits for us to come home and the second the garage door opens she jumps up and runs to the door. 

This was before the curtains were hung, I still need to figure out that corner by the table:

 Kevin framed in the front door, it looks awesome:

And this is the baby's room. As you can see nothing has been done at all to turn it into a baby's room yet, that's next on the agenda. The green's not terrible, but we plan to paint it grey or white and turn it into our future little girl's room. 

So that's (some) of our new home :) 
Navy loves her new home and so do we! 


  1. You are an incredible interior designer! When I buy a home, will you decorate it? :) Congrats on your new home!!

  2. You house is so cute! I love everything!! How exciting!!

  3. Ooh, congratulations! That is so exciting! Eeeeep! :) I love everything about your house!

  4. Moving into a new house requires a lot of time and focus, and I guess that means laying off on blogging for quite some time. But it’s great to know that you guys are having a great time on your new home! Everything looks amazing, by the way. Hope to hear more of your plans and adventures in your new home! Thanks for sharing!

    Lois Becker @ Finlay Brewer Limited