24 Weeks

Man, I have not been documenting this pregnancy very well! Here goes trying to make up for lost time:

How far along: 24 weeks

How big is baby: the size of an ear of corn

Weight gain: Oh gosh I don't even know anymore! But I'm definitely gainin!

Sleep: I go to bed way early, but I have actually been sleeping pretty well! 

Missing: some of my old clothes

Craving: Nothing really to be honest. lately I'm hungry all the time but nothing sounds that great. Well, EXCEPT for slushie drinks, like stuff from Sonic, Jamba Juice, etc. :) 

Feeling: Pretty good actually. I'm past the morning sickness, and I'm not HUGE yet,  so things are pretty darn good. I'm trying to enjoy this time because I know that from here on out it just gets super uncomfortable. I found out this last week that I am anemic. So that's no fun! Its not surprising at all though because my mom and sister are both anemic. I just have to take an extra pill for iron now. This explains why I get out of breath so easily for not even doing anything! 

Gender: We're having a girl! We found out at 20 weeks and we were so excited! I feel like since I first found out I was pregnant I kind of just knew that she was a girl. I never said that out loud or anything, but when it was confirmed that we were having a she, it was just like, "yep, I knew it!" We have a couple names in mind we're thinking of, we do know that her middle name will be "Colleen" after Kevin's late mother and my grandma!
You should have seen me trying to take pictures of Navy with those balloons, it was hysterical. Here are some of the other options that didn't get posted originally:

Her face kills me here:

Best moment of the week: feeling this lil girl kick! I love it! Now if only Kevin could feel her too:)

Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery! and Babymoon!! 

Random thoughts: I can't believe that July 3rd is creeping up on us so fast! My little brother Austin gets home from his LDS mission on June 30, aka days before I'm due! So we'll have to see how that all works out! I hope she comes early :) 
Also, what in the world is this little girl going to look like?! Kevin and I could not be more opposite, blue eyes, brown eyes, brown hair, blonde hair, fair skin, olive skin, etc. I can't even wait to know!

20 weeks:

24 weeks:


  1. You are the most adorable pregnant woman! Congratulations on a GIRL! That is so exciting!! Where do you get your dresses?! I have been searching for some but can't find any long enough! I am so excited for you!!!!

    1. Thank you!! Congrats to you and the baby boy! I got this dress and another one with pink stripes from Target!

  2. You are sooo stinking cute! And I love the attempts with Navy!

  3. Look at you growing a human! And looking so adorable doing it!!