For a couple days of belated New Years Celebration we went up to Beaver Mountain to Ski! Utah is known for its skiing and Beaver is surely not one of the best resorts in Utah, but I sure love it. Its totally nostalgia, as its the resort I learned to ski at, and I'm super familiar with all of the runs. Kevin and I had free leftover passes from last year, so we decided to head up instead of spending a fortune at another resort! It was SO fun! And also, because I'm 14 weeks pregnant, (post about that coming later) we wanted to go asap before I can't go. I was absolutely THRILLED when my doctor said I could go skiing up till 20 weeks. I was worried about not feeling up to it, but I felt great, and skied my little heart out. Kev and I had a blast, he makes life so fun.

Brrr it was cold but worth it. The snow was great!!

PS On New Year Eve Navy was terrified of the Fireworks so she ended up sleeping at the foot of our bed (which she never does) and I woke up to find this :) #totesadorbs

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  1. I love when I get on and find not one but THREE new posts from you!!! Yay! Love you guys!