Happy New Year!

2014 was such. a. great. year. 

I love looking back on a year and seeing how much I have changed from the person I was at the start of the year. I think this year I have gained more confidence in who I am, I have gained more perseverance,  and I have gained contentment in whatever situation I am in. (not perfect in any of those things but better :) Some of the highlights of this year were:
The Seahawks winning the Superbowl
Family trip to The Florida Keyes
One year Anniversary!
Both Kevin and I graduating from USU
Moving to Tennessee and having a great summer zipline guidin' with CLIMBWORKS
Moving back to Utah and starting a new life in Salt Lake
Lots of Family Time
My sister Hillary coming home from her mission
Finding out we're HAVING A BABY! (next post:) 
Its been a great year and there's no one else I'd rather spend it with! 
We made a video to remember the best times of our year, I'm so glad we did, its really fun and I'm glad we'll have it to look back on:)

PS The picture above is not my idea, I've seen a couple other friends do it :) 


  1. I just made my new new years resolution based on this post: have more of The Whites in my life (long distance of course) in 2015 because there wasn't enough in 2014. Love the circle pics. Such a great idea. AND BABY!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

    1. I AGREE!!! PS Its time for a Coco Shirley blog update, (or ten) just sayin.

  2. We would do the same picture! haha! I'm still waiting on the baby post!!!!