Christmas is theeee Best Holiday

I don't even know where to begin, we had the best Christmas and I am so grateful for that! Christmas really crept up on me this year and I almost felt as if I wasn't ready, (even though all of my presents were purchased and ready to go) I just wasn't quite in the Christmas spirit yet. Maybe its because Kevin and I were both working a lot, (which I'm grateful for) but when we finally got to be done with work and go home to Logan the night before Christmas Eve, it just felt really great! It finally felt like Christmas being home with my family, all the Christmas decorations, traditions, etc.

The highlight of our Christmas day would have to be talking to my brother Elder Austin Dodd over skype. He's serving in Indianapolis right now and gets home in July (can't wait!) He's so mature and happy and it was so fun to see! 

I'm such a child but I really really really wanted it to snow for Christmas AND IT DID!! We woke up Christmas morning and there was tons of snow and it snowed the entire day! My Christmas was made right then and there! I was so deliriously happy! Of course I was the first one of the "kids" to wake up at 9 am, I am such a child. :)   

We had a great Christmas morning of presents and then went out to shovel snow in our new coats! 

The day after Christmas my family left us for Florida (rude ;)) and we met Kevin's family in Ogden Canyon and stayed at the Wolf Creek Lodge and did a lot of sledding! Also, Kevin, his dad, sister, and brother stayed up till two in the morning doing a 1000 piece Seahawks Superbowl Champions Puzzle.

We had such a great Christmas and I am so grateful for this time of year. I love this season to be able to think of the Savior and of His love for all of his children. I especially loved the #sharethegift campaign this year. Everyone's hearts seem to be a little softer at this time of year and its wonderful. I hope you and the three other people that read this blog had a Merry Christmas!! :)


  1. do those shirts have Korean on them?!?!?! haha your Christmas looks absolutely MAGICAL. Love you guys!!

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    2. haha funny story... so someone that got baptized while Hillary was on her mission was planning on coming to our house for Christmas, but than had to cancel last minute. She's originally from China, hence the Chinese on our shirts :) So we had Chinese shirts with no Chinese people. It was great :)

  2. I too was excited about the snow! So magical! And I'm soooo happy for you guys! Babies are the best :) you will be the cutest mom! I can't wait to read this future post about it. I always love reading your blog- proud to be one of the three ;)

  3. Yay!!! Merry Christmas again! I loooooooove seeing all the snow, white Christmas's are the BEST.