A Lovely Trip to California

A few months back, Kevin texted me and asked if I wanted to go to San Francisco. He had found a deal on Alaska Airlines for a killer deal on airfare and it only lasted for an hour. So of course I said yes! Both of us had been there before on family vacations, but it was so fun to go together. There is so much to do in SF and we had a blast! 
The first night we were there we were able to stay in the World Mark hotel, Kevin's parents gave us one night to stay there for Christmas! It was fun being downtown, we were right by China Town. I love going to visit big cities. They're so fascinating to me. (people watching, etc)  But every time I go to one I remember how much of a small town girl I am, and that's totally okay with me. 
The first night we headed to fisherman's warf and rode the infamous trolley cars:

The Bush Man! You should google it if you've never heard of him. He hides on the wharf covered in a bush and scares people to death, its pretty fun to watch!:

 Ghiradelli Chocoloate! The factory showing how the chocolate is made was closed, but we enjoyed this delicious chocolate sundae:

The next day we headed to Alcatraz! Neither of us had been their before so we wanted to experience it. The night before in our hotel room we watched "Escape from Alcatraz" and it made visiting the actual island all the more enjoyable. It was really cool! (and creepy)
So there were three men that escaped from Alcatraz and they don't know what happened to them because their bodies were never found. They chipped away at the vent under their sinks, climbed up the pipes, got on the roof, shimmied down the drain pipe, and escaped on rafts they had made out of sewing together rain coats. They had created paper mache heads and used hair from the barber shop to put under the covers to fool the guards. Myth Busters did a segment on it, and used the same kind of floatation device they had and safely made it to Angel Island as well as the city. They would be 80 years old today and I don't remember exactly, but its something like a 4 million dollar reward if they were found today! It was a cool story and we enjoyed it even more because we had just watched the movie the night before :) 

 The weekend we were there they had to close the Golden Gate Bridge for two days to do some work on the road. It hadn't been closed in 77 years and the weekend we came it was. Go figure. No, but it was fine because we drove over it the day before it closed and headed up to Marin Headlands to catch the spectacular views of the iconic bridge:

The next day we drove on High Way 1 and saw the Big Sur. It was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously the most gorgeous day and most gorgeous drive. You never know what kind of weather you'll get in the San Francisco area this time of year, whether it will be rainy and foggy or sunny. I so wanted it to be sunny, like so so badly. I even prayed that the sun would shine. And then every day we were there, without fail it would be foggy in the mornings and then at noon the sun would come out and we'd see the most beautiful blue skies. It was such a tender mercy, just for little old me :) 

One thing we did along the coast was go to Ano Nuevo and see the Elephant Seals! I knew about this from when my family and I had come to visit back in 2008. We had been in the summer, so there were no guided tours or anything, but this time of year the seals are mating, so there were tours going on, we were lucky to get a spot! It was cool to see them all in their natural habitat. Each male has a group of females that are "his" and if another male came close they would fight each other for the females. It was pretty neat. Kevin loved it. 

 We were able to stay at my dad's cousins house in Fremont for the remainder of our trip, it was nice to stay with family! They were so kind and did so much for us, man I'm grateful for family :) After going to church at their ward on Sunday we headed up to The Oakland Temple. Kevin's parents got married there back in the day, so it was fun for him to see it. We went in the Visitor's Center and the senior couple were my neighbors from home back in Logan. I had no idea they were there! It was a gorgeous day at the temple and we just sat up on the top balcony and looked at the (foggy) view. 

Then we headed to Muir Woods, this is also something we had both done before with our families, but we honestly didn't remember it very much. It was really cool and beautiful, I felt like I was in Planet of the Apes :) We only stayed for about 45 minutes though. Kevin was disappointed the trees weren't bigger around. haha. 

After that we headed to Muir Beach and just sat and relaxed. There were tons of dogs there and it made us miss Navy : )

Kevin is a dork. There was a lady meditating on a rock so he had to do it too and asked me to take a picture. haha

I sure love him! 

The last day we were there the bridge was open and we got to ride bikes across. It was a first for both of us and I was so glad we did it. I had originally just wanted to walk across, but I'm so glad we rode. 

We had such a great time together. We have taken plenty of trips since we've been married, but most of them have been with family friends, which I love, but it was so great to go on one just the two of us! We both just needed a little getaway to the sunshine and this did just the trick!


  1. WHAT?!?! The bushman died last year!!!! Has somebody replaced him?!? I am aghast. Thank you for blogging this. I need to go on a google search.
    Sigh. I love this post.
    ps--tell Kevin you guys have to go back because the bigger trees are farther North!! (And free) Muir Woods is a tourist trap!!!!
    So glad you guys had fun!! You sure are beautiful people.

    1. WHAT! you know, I think someone must have replaced him because this bush man just wasn't quite as impressive as I had remembered. Interesting..
      I wish we could have had time to go more north, my cousin was telling us how much cooler they are up there!
      LOVE YOU!