Meghan's Wedding

This past weekend one of my greatest friends got married, and it was the wedding of the year! My dear friend Meghan and I have known each other since we were in 6th grade. I don't remember exactly what happened, but right off the bat we were great friends. She was kind enough to let me design her announcements. She has GREAT taste, so it was really fun to make them and I love how they turned out. (pictured above)

Their sealing was amazing, its always so wonderful to witness a sealing in the temple. One of my favorite things to do is to attend a sealing with Kevin, I love hearing the words of the ceremony, and remember things we might have forgotten. It was so fun to see Meghan and Johnny so happy. They are the cutest :)

Meghan had 14 bridesmaids and I was lucky enough to be one of them. :) That right there shows how much this girl is loved! She bought each of us these cute pink shirts, and a necklace, and then we each got our own cream colored skirt and gold shoes. I thought it turned out very cute!

So back in high school Meghan, me, Brittany and Ashley hung out a lot. We even called ourselves, "BMAM" (ridiculous. haha) Looking back it seems very cliquish, but we have had so many fun times together. Its been almost seven years since we graduated high school, and we've all gone different ways and are doing different things. We barely see each other anymore, but when we do it is the best ever. I am so grateful for those friends that you can not see for years and then just pick up where you left off. Now that Meghan is married we are all married! I was thinking about that so I dug up so old pictures and put this together: (I added myself in Brittany's wedding photo cause I was on my mission at the time:)
Oh how I love these three!!
The sealing and luncheon were in Salt Lake and then we headed to Logan for the reception that night. It was one of the most amazing receptions I have ever been to! It was at the Old Logan Coach House, and had the best atmosphere, the best food, the best decorations, it was such a party! I didn't want the night to end. Wedding of the year :)
My handsome wedding date:
It was so fun to be a bridesmaid with Kenzie, sure love this girl:

It was an amazing wedding and the happiest day. Yay for love! 


  1. I just LOVE this. It was such a beautiful wedding, she was a stunning bride! And it was so wonderful to be able to see you both! These pictures are just perfect.