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Ohhhhh life. Isn't it a beautiful life? Its definitely full of the ups and downs and the twists and turns, but it sure is great. As I sit here and write this post my wonderful husband watches the NFL. Not even his favorite team (the Seahawks) though. Why, you ask? Two words. Fantasy football. So now we watch every single NFL game we can manage. Oh and we also watch all of the college games too! Okay, maybe you detect a little bit of sarcasm there, (and you're probably right) but I really do love this time of year and football games. Its a part of the season and if it wasn't around I would miss it. 
Each night the view out of our apartment is different and I just have to share. So beautiful!! 

A little while ago, Kevin and I attended a wedding reception in Logan. We were coincidentally leaving the exact same time as the cutest little couple. I grew up going to church with them, and then the husband was our sealer on our wedding day, meaning he officiated our wedding in the Logan Temple. As we were walking together, he nonchalantly asked, "So, how is the marriage going?" What a cutie. Of course we smiled and replied that it was going great. Then Kevin asked them, "How's your marriage going?" We all laughed and then they looked at each other, like really looked at each other and said that things were going great. This cute little couple who Kevin and I towered over (and we're not even THAT tall) said great and they meant it, and you could just feel it radiating from them. That's what eternal marriage is about people. I want to be that cute old couple. Three cheers for good examples. 
We took a drive up the canyon the other night and were in the right place at the right time for this fabulous photo:

Recently we got to babysit our nieces and nephew and they are just the cutest. I'm so grateful we live so close to them. 
 And I'm convinced someday when we have a son life will look like this:

The other night I had the opportunity to go to the General Women's Meeting where it is broadcast from in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. It was an incredible meeting, and I was so grateful to be there. It's such a great feeling to be among thousands of women, ages 8 to 88 that believe the same thing I do, as well as knowing that there are thousands, even millions of women watching the broadcast all over the world. And there's just something about being in the same room as the prophet of God that can't be beat.  

To open the conference was a children's choir from Seoul, Korea. I immediately thought of my husband, Kevin, as he served his mission there. They sang, "I love to see the Temple" in Korean and afterwards Sister Burton, The General Relief Society President, said in Korean, "Thank you, I love you" Kevin knows sister Burton personally, as she was his mission president's wife and both she and her husband attended our sealing ceremony. So, when I showed Kevin this video the next morning because I knew how much he'd love it, he started to get emotional, and then he blamed me because he said he never did before he married me. haha sorry Kev! It was so sweet though. The people of South Korea mean so much to him, and he's always saying he wants a Korean baby girl. We might need a little help with that babe. And what really topped it off for him was seeing Sister Burton, and that she spoke in Korean. It was just so sweet to see how much it meant to him and how close those two years are to his heart.

Just like every other person in Utah, we are loving this fall weather and trying to be in it as much as possible. Lately we have spent a lot of time outside, and I just love it and need it sometimes. Its such a great place for me to feel peace and clear my head. 

Ohhh the go pro. Love that thing. 

October is days away and I don't think I've ever been so excited for October. I mean, it is a beautiful month that I've always loved, but this year its the year that MY SISTER IS COMING HOME! SHE'S BEEN GONE FOR A 18 MONTHS AND SHE'S COMING HOME!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

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