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So life lately has been great! We feel adjusted to life in Salt Lake and are really enjoying our time here. But somehow we still end up going to Logan every other weekend. Blame the Aggies and friends, but there you have it. We don't really mind though :) I have been searching for a job since we moved back, but felt like being picky and didn't want to work just anywhere. I've been doing my own design stuff on the side, so I was looking specifically for a receptionist job. I was a receptionist through college at a Chiropractor's office and loved the nature of the job. So I found one and I love my job! I work at a dental office in Holladay with the kindest people, and yeah I just love it. So that's good news! I'm also working on one of my best friend's wedding announcements right now so that's really fun. 
So between Kevin and I both working full time, we have been having a lot of fun on the weekends! 
We hiked the Adams Canyon Waterfall recently with our good friends Ali and Josh. I sure love those two and I'm so glad we live so close to them now. It was beautiful! 

I also really love living 5 minutes away from this: 
 (and navy loves it too:) 

Shout out to my mom: Look how talented she is! She made this Teddy Bear! Isn't it adorable? Its made of that minky stuff you can use for the back of baby blankets, so its so soft. I think she needs to sell them!

Navy approves! Even though she tries to eat it.

As Utah State Alumni, we love our Aggies! So we got together with a group of friends for the USU home opener which we sadly lost to Tennessee. But it was really fun to be together. Joni and Tren and Jennika and Sam both have newborns, Vaeda and Noah, and they are so cute! So in the group picture we had to hold up our child too of course ;)

You know it would be uncharacteristic of me to create a post without a surplus of Navy pictures. Sometimes I just can't help. :) Good thing for phones and the ability to snap a picture quickly :) Who lets their dog sit at the counter???

My dad has some four wheelers so we were able to take one up the canyon and of course we brought Navy. She rode with us most of the way because I was too worried about her getting hit by other drivers. I'm such a worrier. She did really good though and we had a blast. I love my little crew :) 

Yesterday was an Aggie home game so of course we were so there! One of my best friends Kylie that lives in Denver surprised her family and came to Logan, so it was really fun to see her at the game! Even though I look ridiculous in this photo because I don't know what I'm looking at:)

The game was a white out game, but as you may notice I am not wearing white. I had a white jacket so I figured I would just wear that, but then it was surprisingly very warm at the game so I just looked like the loser in blue. haha Well, at least my hat was white and my last name is White?

This moment had to be documented because A. My mom has always been so anti dogs in the house but its so funny how much she LOVES Navy. and B. its really cute. 

We are THOSE dog owners and took Navy to an event at Pioneer Park in Downtown Salt Lake where they fenced off the park for dogs to come. So we went and it was really fun. 

Sam and Jenn blessed little Noah Gray so we went to the baby blessing. Noah is so adorable and its so fun to see Sam and Jenn as parents.

Round two of Ogden Temple Open house with my mom and Brandon while my dad fished in Alaska:

My little brother Brandon is all grown up and plays for the freshman team at Logan High School. It think I might cry. Especially when I realized I was a freshman in high school ten years ago. Weird. 

I finally hung stuff on the walls at our new apartment! It took me forever cause I felt like it was a big commitment, but I'm happy about how it turned out!

I tried to make sure Navy was safe but she only stayed in that seatbelt for like .5 seconds. But it was cute:

Oh and this was very picturesque so I just couldn't resist:

And I leave you with the best friends. I feel like singing "When you're the best of friends" from the Fox and the Hound around these two. They're cuties. Are you sick of dog pictures? Sorry! ;)

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