Working Like Crazy

Oh hey! Here is an update into the life of Madi and Kevin:
Work, work, work and work some more. We are absolutely exhausted! But its hard to complain when your job includes zipping through the Smoky Mountains and getting to know lots of awesome people every day. 
This past fourth of July weekend was one of the busiest days in CLIMB works history (or so I'm told) and Kevin and I worked three 12 hour days in a row. No complaints though, Kevin and I have been able to tour together, so its been great. So, as I sit here and write this blog post on this lovely Sunday afternoon, it's nice to just sit here and not have to do anything else for a minute. 
Here's one of the groups we got to take on the Fourth. We had a grand old time with this youth group and a random couple that got put together.

Even though we worked the entire fourth of July weekend, we still had a lot of fun. CLIMB works has a party they do for the fourth every year with the whole crew including games, fun, food, and fireworks!

The series of pictures are some random groups that we've been able to take through lately. If you're wondering why Kevin's not in them, its because he's taking them! I wish he was though! I seriously love all of the cool people we get to meet at work. Its fun to talk to them about their vacation, life, etc and by the end it feels like we're all good friends. 

So how our job works is that I send people, meaning I hook them onto the line, and then Kevin receives them on the other side. Kevin and I radio each other back and forth, and as the sender I radio to Kevin and say, "zipping Susie" or whatever their name is. So, I've gotten really good at remembering people's names or it becomes super awkward to keep asking them. Well over this past weekend we had three groups in a row from India. And its hard enough to remember normal names, but these Indian names were a doozy. Needless to say we had a lot of laughs and they were all super nice and gave me nicknames to say to make it easier. 

So basically that's all that we have been doing lately. And it was crazy, I got to zipline with Roger Federer this weekend! 

No but for real, how much does Kevin look like Roger Federer??!!


  1. You should tell us where you are working! :) Your fourth was waaay more fun than mine!

    1. Its in Gatlinburg TN at CLIMB works :)