I have been a little behind at blogging lately, so here is a big ole' picture overload. Also, I have some big news for the White family: Kevin got a new job! Kevin was offered a great job in Salt Lake City that we can't resist so we are moving back! We've had a great summer in Tennessee and we are so glad we came to this beautiful place and have been able to spend time with amazing people. Its amazing to me that we are always lead where we need to be. So, now onto the picture overload!

 The Smoky Mountains are so beautiful! We went to a place called, "Midnight Hole" The water hole is 1 mile up, and then if you go just a half mile more you get to see this beautiful waterfall! Seriously how gorgeous is this?

The Midnight Hole- This picturesque little spot was so gorgeous! It was quite the popular spot:

This is when Navy refused to move from the front seat and I was too tired to make her move. Ridiculous really. :)

 Zipping through The Smokies for work every day has been amazing. This is the view from Wobbly Pine, and some of the last groups Kevin and I took together. The very last one was probably the most fun group we have had, so it was perfect that it was our last group of the summer. We had a group of kids without their parents and a honeymooning couple, we had such a great time together.  It was the perfect goodbye to these beautiful views zipping through the Smokies. 

Oh and this is when Kevin got one of the polaris's stuck in the mud and we had a whole crew help get it out. A party I tell ya. 

Right before we left was Kevin's Birthday! And part of the celebration the day before we took Navy Ziplining! It was hilarious. Oh the things we do to that dog... but she loves us. We thought she might freak out a little bit but she was actually super chill the entire time and acted like it was nothing. (video to come) 

We couldn't have done it without  Mark and Chrissy- these two are wonderful and I'm so glad we got to work with them this summer. 

For Kevin's Birthday I got him a go pro! So expect some sweet videos from this talented guy. It was super rainy on his birthday, so we went to the aquarium instead of doing any outside activities. Kevin loves them so it was perfect.

Before we left we checked out the amazing city of Nashville. I seriously loved that place and I hope to come back someday and spend at least a week doing and seeing everything.  

Every restaurant was open to the street, with musicians singing country music. And they were all really good. It was awesome!

We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and I loved it! In cause you didn't know, Kevin is a huge country music lover and has been since he was a youngin. Which is funny to me because he's from the Seattle Washington area, not exactly a country music center place.

As you can see we had a lot of fun there:

We loved Tennessee and the summer we got to spend there. We made some awesome friends and memories and we are so glad we went. But we're also grateful for the future and the great opportunity that Kevin has in Salt Lake City! Oh life is good! 


  1. I'm so happy for you Madi! This pictures are gorgeous- Nashville looks like a blast!

  2. I love your pictures! They are all so perfect! What a fun adventure your little family has been on!

  3. You're moving back! How exciting! It looks like you had an amazing summer!