Our Tennessee Home

Well, its official, we moved to Tennessee! Things have been crazy lately, adjusting to our new home, taking in everything around us, and starting work, but its all been really good! I have had my bouts of homesickness, but they have been minimal and I'm really enjoying exploring this new home of ours. We live in Gatlinburg, TN which is right on the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park- so as you can imagine it is seriously beyond gorgeous here! 

This vacation town we live in is seriously so fun! When we rolled into town for the first time we drove through the main road at night on Memorial day weekend with tons and tons of people walking up and down the streets. It made me so excited to live here, and even now after being here for a couple of weeks we haven't even scratched the surface of fun things to do and see. The towns next to us, Sevierville and Pigeon Forge  are also very cool with a lot of fun things to do, (reminded me of a hill-billy Las Vegas as we were driving through)  but not quite as charming as Gatlinburg. 

We both have started working at Climb Works, working lots and lots of hours already. Kevin jumped right back in as he has worked here before, and I was trained last week. It was stressful but good, and now I feel fully equipped to be a zip line guide. Let me tell you, funnest most beautiful job ever!

It's been really great because Kevin and I have been able to guide together! I send the participants and he receives them. One of my favorite parts is definitely all of the cool people we get to meet. These vacationers are just ready to have a good time, and a lot of them have never been ziplining before. So they put all of their trust in us, and we're all best friends by the end. 
So there you have it. We are alive, we made it here safely, and life is good! We miss our wonderful friends and family, but our little adventure has been good so far. Come visit!! :)


  1. Wow! You and your husband have such a fun job!

  2. Cannot wait to visit you all in a week!

    It is all so green! I love it! Can't wait to visit one day! ;)

  4. Looks so fun and beautiful!!! so happy to see ya'll happy!! miss you gusy and navis

  5. I am so jealous! I need to come ziplining with you! You have the cutest life!