The Concrete Jungle of Logan

Seriously why do I love graffiti so much? I have never actually spray painted something- but I really love places like this. They are so cool to me. All the colors and random words-its art. I love the views you can see from here of first dam and the temple. Ahh I love logan. This is a place I really wanted to go one more time before we move away, and our good friends Ashley and Ryan came with us. I met Ashley at school this year and we had 4 classes together. She has become one of my closest friends so I'm glad we got to hang out with them one more time. Its fine though, they're going to come visit us :)


  1. I love this! Where is it? It looks too large to be the Concrete Jungle ...

    1. it is the concrete jungle! Its more painted than I've ever seen it right now

    2. AH! Love it! Have fun on your travels, wherever you are going!

  2. So cool! I was Ashley's visiting teacher!! I'm glad you cuties found each other:)