The Lake of Salt

Oooookay. I really have no words for these pictures because they are amazing and all so beautiful! (I LOVE my new camera!) I went back to the Great Salt Lake with one of my besties, Bergen and stayed for the sunset- it was UNREAL. I felt like I was stopped in time, and everything was so still. It was just so calm and peaceful. I'm so glad to have a friend like Bergen that will go on these random adventures with me, and wants to take as much pictures as I do! Its rare I tell you! ;) Enjoy these gorgeous pics!


dead bird. #ew


  1. I've been reading for awhile, and I just adore your blog! And I'm telling you... your pictures are exquisite! Talk to me about this new camera you have! (I just have a canon rebel xs and am wanting to upgrade my body soon.)

    1. Oh thank you! We got the Canon Rebel T3i. It is a beginner camera, so I'm told. (which is definitely me) I need to catch up on your blog, I've been out of the blogging world for a little while!

  2. Amazing quality images! Wow!