Mothers Day Weekend and Missionary Phone Calls!

Well first things first, we got a new camera! Kevin's parents gave it to us for a graduation gift and I seriously couldn't be more excited to have a nice camera. I also feel very spoiled by all of the graduation love we have received! So bear with me on this post as we were trying out our new camera and there may be too many pictures of dogs. haha

So this past weekend we met up with some of our friends at City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City because our friend Kristin (who lives in Hawaii) was in town. I was so happy to hear she was in town and it worked out perfectly because we were coming to the Salt Lake area that weekend anyway.  It was so good to see her! 

The girls and some photobomber boys in the back:)

I made this photo black and white because Kristin is so tan from living in Hawaii and I am so white from Utah winter. haha 

Mothers Day!!
We had such a great day spending it with my mom. I sure love my mom and am so grateful for her. I feel so blessed to have been able to have been raised by her. We had some of our cousins over and had a great dinner with them, and had some heartfelt conversations after as well actually. I love my family.  

Probably my favorite part of the day was when the missionaries called! It was sad because they missed each other by seconds, but it was still just so good. Austin is doing so well in Indiana, and Hillary is doing so great in Florida. I am just so proud of my brother and sister, even though I am counting down the days until they come home:) 


  1. adorable missionaries! such a fun time! also, I am obsessed with your dogs cute little face. I've never wanted a dog until I saw your cute dog. and also...I love your cute face too ;)

    1. Well hey, you're both graduated now, maybe its time?? ;)

  2. Best pic ever is the one of you holding Navy up in one arm. Both look so stinking cute. Aaaand those pics of skyping missionaries made me actually tear up a little. Woof!