Hikin and Moving on

So on the day before graduation, Kevin and I did a little hike. Not just any hike though,  It had a little bit of sentimental meaning. First of all, let it be know that this hike is killer. I don't even know if it has a technical name because its not a popular one or anything because its straight up the mountain. Its really really hard. I don't even know if its meant to be hiked, I think that its a path that the deer come down during the winter.

Back in Spring 2007 at the end of Kevin's freshman year at Utah State, (and coincidentally where I was in the same town finishing my junior year of high school) his friends and him hiked to the top of this mountain, (they called it Mount Doom) wrote a note with all their names signed, and hid it in a bottle at the top:

Okay so back to the present, when Kevin and I finally reached the top (after seeing a snake as thick as my wrist and scaring me half to death) Kevin searched and searched for that bottle, and finally found it! 

Another reason this hike was kind of cool for me was because the mountain is the one I have grown up under my whole life. I grew up facing this mountain, so it just honestly feels like "my" mountain.  It was really cool and sentimental for me, because from the top I could basically see my entire childhood. I have lived here my entire life, besides my mission in Missouri. So from the top I could see the house I grew up in, the house we moved to when I was 14, (a block away) my church, my elementary school, the park I always went to, Utah State University, (where we were graduating from the next day) I could go on and on with the memories but you get the picture. 

We also found a geocache at the top! I think those things are so cool. It was fun to go through and read what people had written over the years. We left our own little page as well :)

Here's the view from the top of the Mountain:

And here's the view from my parents house: 

Maybe the reason its so sentimental is because Kevin and I are moving to Gatlinburg Tennesee next week! Kevin got offered a job with CLIMBworks and we're excited about it. I will also work there, and although I've never been there before, I'm really excited too! (Kevin worked there for two summers)  I'm so excited for this new adventure we are going on, a whole new chapter of our lives is opening up.  I went to Elementary, Middle school, High School and College in this town. I love Logan Utah with all my heart, and I'm really grateful for home, that we can always come back here and it will be home. 

So, for now, Tennessee here we come!! 


  1. What a beautiful view. It's amazing that you were able to go back there and have a memorable experience.

  2. so exciting! i love the sentiment behind the mountain! so cool.

  3. Ah love it! So cute you guys wore your CW shirts too!!! And p.s. Our husbands are BABIES in those freshmen pics hahaha!!!

  4. You guys are so great! What a fun adventure Tennessee will be! (When we drove through it I fell in love, so pretty!) I can't wait to see all the new things you guys will get to experience.