Graduation Day!

This past Saturday, Kevin and I graduated from Utah State University!
And man did it feel good! It was seriously such a fun, great, happy day.
Things that made it such a wonderful day:
1. We graduated from college (duh)
2. Our amazing family was there to support us
3. We graduated with so many of our good friends
4. It was sunny and warm
5. We graduated from college

Here are some of our great friends that we graduated with,
Steph & Mike, Shelby, and Sam & Jenn

Vic & Kenz, I was roommates with these two last year before I got married! 

I sure love Kenz, our families are the best of friends so we are too :)

Mike & Steph, Kevin and Mike grew up together in University Place Washington, so they graduated High School together and then they graduated College together! I sure love these two.  (mike and steph) We actually just took jobs for the same company, CLIMBworks! We will be moving to different places, but its still pretty exciting!

Courtney!! I met Courtney back on Spring Break 2010 in Tijuana Mexico doing Humanitarian work. I kind of went on the trip on a whim, and I am so grateful I did. I met one of my bestest lifelong friends Courtney on that trip, and then because of her I met Kevin, her sister in law Jenn, and her brother Sam. 
I love Courtney! Her husband Reilly graduated with his degree last week from BYU- so many people graduating!

Sam & Jenn- I sure love these friends. We all helped out at each other's proposals, and have just been with each other through a lot-now they have moved to Salt Lake for a new job, and we are off to Tennesee.

Jennika's baby is due NEXT MONTH!! I am so excited for them!

It was so fun and just perfect really that the five of us got to walk in the same ceremony together. Jenn and I both graduated from the Caine College of the Arts, Kevin and Sam both graduated from Business school, but we arranged it that they could walk at our ceremonies with us. Courtney graduated from the college of Humanities, (her and sam are siblings) but also arranged it so she walked in our ceremony too. As I was sitting there, it seemed so surreal that we are all sitting there together at graduation after all the years we have spent together. We're all really growing up now!

Bergen! Bergen and I went through middle school and high school together. Then, she went to Oregon State and got her Bachelor's degree, I went to Utah State, went on my mission to Missouri, and then when I came back she was starting her masters degree at Utah State! So we graduated the same weekend, Her with her Master's degree in Science, and me with my Bachelor's degree in the Arts. 

The Commencement Ceremony was really great, my favorite part was when the band started playing the Scotsman and everyone started clapping. 

Shelby, me and Jennika were all in the same program and saw each other in the art building a LOT. I am so grateful for these great friends. 

Kenzie Hall! Kenzie and I met on our missions (Missouri Independence Mission) I remember talking to her one day on the mission and found out that she went to Utah State AND that we were in the same major! I couldn't believe it. I never would have been able to get through this year without this girl. She is headed to Destin Florida for the summer for an internship. Lucky girl!

Our Families!! Graduation would never have happened without our wonderful parents. Kevin and I really have the greatest parents ever and we couldn't be more grateful for them. Kirk and Debbie were there for us, we sure love them.  Kevin's sister Lachelle and her family came up as well and we are so glad they did! They have the cutest family. 

My wonderful parents. Boy do I love them. My family feels so small since Hillary and Austin are on their missions and Brandon had a lacrosse game. I'm not even mad. ;)

I found this old picture of my parents when they graduated fro Utah State back in 1988, so of course I had us recreate it. So Priceless!

My parents hosted the after party barbecue at their house and it was perfect. My mom's decorations were awesome!

We love you Utah State University. We have hundreds and hundreds of incredible memories there. It was at Utah State that I really grew up, where I met my wonderful husband, many of my wonderful friends, and where my life was really changed over the years. Those college years include making life changing decisions, and I feel so grateful for all of the decisions I've made so far. 


  1. YAY, Congratulations! That is so exciting!

  2. love this! congrats! and that campus is sooo pretty! my sister in law goes there, and I love visiting!

  3. I love this post. Man sitting there the 5 of us made me stinking emotional. When I think of USU, I think of you 5 fo sho. It has been the best. That pic of your parents and then Kev and you blows my mind!! You guys are twinners!!!!! Goodness. I love the spot where the sagebrush grows ;)