It's been a week full of changes! Packing up, goodbyes, the most wonderful family, friends, driving, more driving, etc etc. We said see you later to our beloved Utah and hit the road!

First of all, goodbye to our old apartment! Man did I love our little home there. It was OLD and I wasn't loving it at first, but it just became our home and I loved making it that way. I'm glad I took these pictures so I can always remember one of our first homes together. I really loved the wall collage I made in the living room, it was sad having to take that down.

We were lucky enough to spend a good amount of time with both of our families before we moved away. One weekend we went to Alpine with Kevin's family and went down a natural waterfall slide. It was so fun and COLD! I am glad that we got to hang out with Kevin's family. 

forgot my swimsuit. oops.

We went to breakfast with my family the morning that we left. I love my parents and am so grateful they're mine! I sure love Brandon and its kinda sad he's the only kid at home right now. I love that kid!

Our car was jampacked!! We decided to sell all of our furniture and start over when we got there, so lets just say that it was a TIGHT fit. I honestly don't know how we did it. But we did. Thank goodness the toaster made it. 

Our first stop on our journey to Tennesee was in Denver. The first night we stayed in Denver and spent some time with our friend Braden. aka Fizz. He is the greatest friend! He planned out the whole day for us, and really gave us a perfect taste of Denver.

He took us to Red Rocks, it was gorgeous!

We met the cutest poodle puppy. It and Navy became great friends!

We went to a delicious waffle shop called Bruxie's. MMMmmm good! 

We rented bikes and rode them through downtown Denver to the Rockies vs Giants game:

That night we met up with our friends Kylie and Brendan and had dinner at Cherry Cricket, best burgers in Denver! (really, its been on Man vs. Food) It was so fun hanging out with these Denverites and I'm so glad we got to spend some time with them!

And then it was on the road again. Next stop: Kansas City

Are we there yet?

In Kansas City we were able to stop through and stay with Ola, one of the converts from my mission and his wife Pam. It was so amazing to take Kevin through the sites on my mission, to show him where I spent my time, and introduce him to some of the people that I love.

Liberty Jail: I finished my mission serving at this place. It will always have a very special place in my heart. 

The Independence Visitor's Center: 

And the best part of it all was seeing my Mission Presidents, President and Sister Keyes. They only have one month left, so I'm so glad I got to see them. It was SO good to see these two and to introduce them to Kevin. They told us that over the (almost) three years they've served, they have had over 800 missionaries. It made me feel good that even though I'm one of that large number, they still know me, care about me, and always. will. I love them so much!

And then it was on the road again for 12 more hours. Our car barely made it, (brake problems, battery problems) and it was a miracle that we did!

And we made it to gorgeous Tennessee in one piece and I have already fallen in love!


  1. Oh my gosh, it sounds like you have been craaaaazy busy with everything. I hope everything goes well from this point on :)

  2. okay! I am glad you found my blog because you are the cutest! I love yours!

  3. You have the CUTEST style. I am so happy you made is safely. I can't wait to read about your up and coming adventures! I wish we were closer so I could come see you!

    1. I wish we could too! that would be so awesome!

  4. Yay Yay Yaaaaaay! Smiles all around over here:)

  5. Thanks for making Denver a stopping point on your way! I enjoyed every minute spent with you two. The friendship I share with you both is something I value dearly. See you in TN sometime soon!

  6. I'm so excited for you guys! It's been my secret wish forever to live in Tennessee! Love and miss you!

  7. We're still in denial that you live so far away! The girls were just asking when you were going to come back and visit them. :)