Happy Happy Happy

This post will mainly consist of our life for the last couple of weeks in pictures. Cause I've sure taken a lot :)
Kevin and I are mere weeks away from graduating from Utah State with our Bachelor's Degrees and we could not be more excited about it! (even though there will be a couple of online classes taken after that) We are so ready to be done with school! Spring Break was last week and very uncharacteristically of us, we decided to be responsible and stay home and work for most of it. (I guess we're really growing up) The last couple days of our break we headed to Provo where Kevin's parents live and spent a few days with them, and we also were able to go to Moab for one day. I had never been to Moab, so I guess that now I can say I am a true Utahn ;)

We asked some girls from a tour bus from Japan to take our picture. They were so cute:

Moab #selfie:
(I think I'm hilarious) 

We hiked the Y with Kevin's parents, and the true Utah State fan that I am, I made Kevin wear a Utah State shirt with me. haha I'm ridiculous. It was a super beautiful hike and I'm glad we did it! 

This picture kills me. Kevin's Dad and wife Debbie and Navy just chillin. 

The weekend before that (man I am behind!) I was able to go to Boise with my mom and meet up with all the girls in the family on my dad's side. We stayed at my Grandma Jody's house and had SUCH a fun time. I love my family so much. I love that we can not see each other for months and we always pick up right where we left off, and we're always there for each other. I could not be more grateful for family. We shopped till we dropped, (literally) ate and ate and ate some more, and had heart to heart conversations and made each other cry. (you know, girl stuff) It was such a great girls weekend, I should have taken more pictures! 
Here's the whole group at Olive Garden: (only missing my sister hillary who's on a mission)

Me with my cousins Hailee and Angie:

It was so fun but it was so great to come home to these two:

I have taken a lot of pictures lately of beautiful Logan town. Everywhere I look I see a picture perfect moment. This place is just so picturesque. I love where we live! 

Another thing we found one day on our walk was.... a llama. Navy and this llama were fascinated with each other and I was dying. 

Como Se llama?


  1. Love this post I feel like I've read it 30 times though Mads! Give me a new update!! annnnnd love the new template hope it's working out good for you:)

    1. ooookkkay made lots of updates, just for you! ;)