Valentines Weekend

Ohhhh Valentines Day. That day of love, sappiness, last minute flower shoppers. Valentines Day is so fun when you're in Elementary school, you have the Valentines tea, you decorate your box, and you might even make a special little valentine for that cute boy in your class.
I've never been a huge fan of the holiday since then, until I got myself a forever Valentine. Kevin really outdid himself this year, and planned out a fun filled Valentines weekend for us, especially since Presidents Day was part of it and we had no school. 
It started out in the morning when I was woken up to this pup:
I opened up that paper attached to her, where the entire weekend was laid out for me, in the form of a Latin Menu. Friday was the appetizer, Saturday was the soup and salad, Sunday was the entree, and Monday was the dessert. It was adorable.

Friday we did one of our favorite things, we simply stayed in, got a pizza from Papa Murphy's (in the shape of a heart mind you) brought the memory foam out in the family, room, and rented Captain Phillips. I love nights like that, low key, relaxing, and just simple. 

These two are my favorites:

Next in the line up on Saturday was to go skiing!! I was so excited! I LOVE skiing, its one of my favorite things to do ever ever ever. But, I hadn't been able to go yet this season because Kevin hurt his knee a little while back and was waiting for it to heal. 
We got a bunch of Ski passes for Christmas, so we headed up to Beaver Mountain. Its the Mountain I learned how to ski on, and even though its small, I love it! We had such a blast, have a mentioned on this blog how much I love being on top of mountains? Because I do! The mountains are my happy place. And its even better to have skis strapped to your feet and be flying down at crazy speeds. There really is nothing better. We seriously had a blast!

On Sunday we went to church, and then headed to Provo where Kevin's dad and wife Debbie live. We got to hang out with them for a bit, as well as go play games at our friends Courtney and Reilly's house. I love seeing friends and family I haven't seen in a while. After watching the Olympics till one in the morning, we woke up Monday morning and went skiing again! 
This time we went to The Canyons Resort in Park City. I had never gone skiing there before, it was unreal. Kirk and Debbie had given us the passes for Christmas and we were so glad to finally be using them. I don't think we went on the same run twice the entire day. I really felt like I was on top of the world. Aaaahhh I love skiing! 

It was such a great weekend! I am so grateful for my wonderful husband Kevin. I am so glad he would put so much thought into Valentines Day. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well on the day of llooooooovee. 
And with that I leave you with my favorite Valentines that totally cracked me up:

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