Superbowl Sunday. The food. The friends. The family. The football. The commercials. What a day. Growing up my family has always had a big Superbowl party, as my dad raised us to be into sports. This year was probably my favorite super bowl yet because of Kevin. Being from the Seattle Washington area, Kevin has been a really big Seahawks fan for awhile, even though its been in the last couple years that they've been really good. Even from back to when we were dating, I would watch the Seahawks with Kevin. (Which means I must really love him ;) If I don't say something, ESPN would be on 24-7 at our house. He's an avid tweeter and I heard all sorts of facts about the team all season about the legion of boom, the 12th man, "look at this picture, isn't that awesome?" etc etc. 
So what I'm trying to say, is that to say Kevin was excited for this Superbowl would be an understatement. We watched it at my parents house and had some good friends over as well as Kevin's dad and debbie. We had such a fun time!
We were definitely happy with the outcome. 
(sorry for the terrible quality, I really need to start using the real camera) 


  1. just have to say---go broncos! ugh, embarrassing even saying that! haha! now that's out of the way--you guys are adorable! looks like so much fun! and the seahawks totally deserved that win!