Wintery White Happenings

Growing up, my mom always had this painting hanging in our house by Eric Dowdle:

Its a historic painting of ice skating at Merlin Olsen Park in Logan Utah, right below the Logan Temple. I have always loved it. As a child I would look at it, and there was always something magical about it to me. I would look at each of the people in the painting and think of their story. For instance, the couple in love, the mysterious child up to no good, the little boy riding his dog. I just love it. Logan city has only done the skating rink a handful of times in my life, and I've only ever been a couple of times. 
This past Saturday Kevin and I had a little Ice Skating Date in that very spot:

And it was magical for me. I thought of that painting, and it was so fun to be there with my great husband on that cold winter night, just skating the night away, with the temple and all that it represents right there above us. I was feeling pretty nostalgic:) 

Cold Logan winter is here in full force and I'll be honest, I'm ready for some warmer weather. Once Christmas is over, the cold gets harder to bear. 
But as much as I hate being freezing cold, I also love the winter. I think I'm bipolar. I LOVE skiing, I love snow shoeing, and winter in general is just pretty. 
So I think my two statements just cancelled each other out :) 

I took this picture a few days ago as I dropped Kevin off for work. Gorgeous. 

On New Years Day we had a little snow/hiking adventure up green canyon. I love the Mountains:)

The Bishop of our congregation built this snowman in front of his house. SO COOL. The green paper is a building permit the neighbor brought by: 

In other news, Navy is still as mischievous as ever: 

On Sunday this happened:

That's right, my Kevin is in the Bishopric now! Meaning, he is in the leadership of our local congregation under the bishop. This past Sunday was his first Sunday, and also the same week our Bishop was out of town. So Kevin was thrown into it, on a fast sunday, conducting, and staring off the meeting with his testimony. Well my little wifey heart was just swelling with pride. He did so well. I knew he was a little nervous, so I was just praying and praying for him. I am so grateful to know that the Lord knows us and gives us opportunities we know we can handle, even if they're a little scary. I'm really grateful for what a great man and husband Kevin is. I really scored, just saying. :)

Remember up above how I complained about the cold? Well I think this will make it a little better:) 


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to go skating there because of that painting!!! Im so jealous you guys went! So fun and magical and romantic. And your good lil Kevvy!! You both married way good :)

  2. Oh just as darling as ever!! Adam told me he talked to Kevin about CW today! I am getting so excited for you two to join the family, fingers crossed!!