We're Obsessed With Our Dog.

Its true, we are. Of course if you follow Kevin or I on any social media you already know that. This little fur ball is our favorite. We can't imagine life without her now, so I can only imagine how it will be someday when we have a child that's a real human being. 
But for now we have little Navy pup. And boy do we love her. 
I decided to document some of the millions of pictures we have of her :)

This is the day we got her. I die at her cuteness:

 photo 263153c2-3a33-46bf-89dc-f35231d52f82.jpg

Soon after we got her, we got her a red heart nametag:
 photo 46e2038c-fd30-40c2-88e6-ce5270be5a7f.jpg

Navy went through a phase where she wanted to ride on Kevin's shoulder every where we drove. It was adorable:
 photo 8afa0330-9c8a-4f95-8139-9a7a27f1d2fb.jpg

 photo 41be53a0-13a0-44c3-8687-aa4da5c61974.jpg

 photo f9f2bca2-1797-46db-a397-cb0d47ba10ce.jpg

and again:
 photo 159fc3e8-62de-41b9-893c-aa63ec96d807.jpg

She hasn't been an angel though, she's had her fair share of mischief:
 photo d7c5b8fd-7756-4c8e-a50f-23de8d7caba3.jpg

Its ridiculous how much she loves other people and freaks out when she sees them:)
 photo cc062d15-1d90-48ee-a05f-eb70e25ec10f.jpg

Her first time swimming at Bear Lake. She looked like a wet rat. haha
 photo 0f455b95-0606-424f-97aa-fe2d091f8d81.jpg

I'm telling you, she makes friends wherever she goes:

And sometimes we put embarrassing shirts on her:

She's our bestest friend:
 photo 352db56e-0a15-4b7e-b6c9-f4a2c7ab9e7b.jpg

She hangs out with my parent's dog Sheba all the time:

Sometimes she gets tired on hikes:

And then she started growing and getting suuuper fluffy:

But some things never change:

 photo a4b9ee82-e68c-4962-bc52-31ed511db097.jpg

And learned she has a love/hate relationship with snow:

And she looks like a Teddy Bear:

And sometimes I just die of her cuteness and hurry to take a picture:

She's our little buddy:

Here's our most recent family photo: 

Yup. We're obsessed with our dog. 


  1. Hahaha I love it!! Dogs are the absolute best!

  2. Too be honest, I really don't think I've seen a cuter dog. I AM OBSESSED. I thought my husband had talked me out of it, but after seeing these pictures, mmmmm nope. I don't think so. I want him.

    1. you need to get one! your life will be forever changed :)

  3. I love your dog pictures! I happen to have a white fluffy one myself! Love, Aunt Cheri

  4. I love this post. I love how much you love Navy