The Park

So we have this wonderful park right next to our apartment. Before we moved here I had never heard of it. Its beautiful and hidden! The most charming effect for me is the river that runs right along it, with the huge trees. It has the feel of some kind of woodland forest. I just love it.

So we take Navy there to run around just about everyday. Its been fun to see how this park has changed with the seasons, it was especially beautiful in fall

Yesterday we had a HUGE snowstorm. Like a good 4 inches on the ground when we woke up. And I LOVE it! Its perfect with Christmas only days away. It went from this:

to this:

Oh who's that little boy you may ask? 
His name is Dillon. Just met him this morning. Navy chased after him, made friends with him, and then he followed us across the street from his house to the park. Where were his parents? No idea. Good thing I am a kind stranger. ha He hung out with us for about 20 minutes and we had a great time. He was probably one of the funniest kids I've ever met. 
Dillon: "I love snow. Isn't it wonderful?
Me: "It is wonderful, I love it." 
Dillon: "Lets kick snow into the river for Navy to eat. Because dogs like to eat snow and ice." (pictured above) 
Dillon: "Do you think I'm pretty funny?"
Me: "I think you're hilarious."
Dillon: "HA! yeah I get that a lot." 

Then Navy chased after the only other person in the park, a Guatemalan man in a green sweater and a red scarf with his tripod set up taking Christmasy photos of himself. I had to stifle a laugh when I watched him posing in front of the camera. It was a beautiful place to take a picture, I'll give him that. But when I went to get Navy I found out that being from Guatemala, he wanted to send a Christmas photo back to his family, because they don't really see snow there. It was so sweet. So I took his picture for him. With my buddy Dillon right next to me, kicking snow into the river. 

So to say the least, its been an interesting morning. But what I've really been thinking about and what was reaffirmed to me this morning, was that the Christmas season is first of all about Jesus Christ, but its also about the people around us. Our family, our friends, the strangers we meet at the park. People are what really matter. I'm trying to be a more selfless person, cause I've found that's what makes me really happy. 

soooooooo, Merry Christmas!! 
And as Dillon said, ...."and a Happy New Year!" 

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