Our First Christmas

Our Christmas was really great. We spent it with my family, and it was a little bit quieter than normal, because my sister and my brother are both away serving missions. Hillary is in Florida and Austin is in Indianapolis. So the best part of Christmas was being able to skype them! They are both doing great, and you can tell how much they've grown and how much good they're doing.

My mom is so good at decorating for Christmas, I love home at Christmastime. It was so good to have Kevin there with me this year. 

On New Years Eve my cousin and her family came over and we did a Christmas Scavenger hunt. We had a list of items we had to get a picture of, like a house with only white lights, or a snowman with a top hat, a manger scene, etc. It was really fun- I want to do it again next year! 
We also had a contest to see who could make the best Christmas scene from play-doh and then everyone else had to guess. So fun!

One of my bestest friends, Kylie moved to Colorado, so I haven't seen much of her lately. She and her husband came home for Christmas and it was so fun to see them! 
Love this best friend of mine!

Something that made Christmas awesome was all of the snow! It was this beautiful winter wonderland around here and it was so perfect. 

I hate pictures of just me so I hold up the dog.. haha

The day after Christmas we went to Boise to spend some time with my Grandma, Aunt, and cousins. Family is the greatest.
stuffed in the backseat:

On the way home we stopped in Twin Falls to see a friend. We saw the Shoshone falls, it was a beautiful sight! 

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