the game

So this weekend was the BYU vs USU football game. We were chosen to win this one, and our team was looking really great. But then, in the first quarter, the unthinkable happened. Chuckie Keeton, our star quarterback was taken out, along with his ACL, and there went his season. You could just hear a hush go over the whole stadium as he limped off the field, and all our hearts were breaking. 
So yeah, it wasn't the most fun game for me. 
so I didn't take many pictures. very unlike me.

But, lucky for me, this weekend was General Conference. Guys. I am so grateful for General Conference. It's when we take a break from going to church, and get to watch it in our pajamas at home! The leaders of our church, including our beloved Prophet, President Thomas S Monson speak to us in several different sessions, and we just sit there and soak it all in, have our prayers answered, and feel so much peace and hope for the future. That's how it always is for me anyway. It's broadcasted to the whole church, all over the world. The LDS church is the fastest growing church in the world, and I couldn't be happier to be apart of it. 
So, this wonderful weekend of hope and inspiration from the leaders that I love was just what I needed to get over my irrational thoughts of the game. 
Here are some of my favorites:

You can read all of the amazing talks here.

I remembered this weekend how blessed I really am. My life is not easy, or perfect, I have SO many things right now that I worry about and that are definitely not easy, but I have so much to be grateful for. And it is up to me to let the good overcome the bad. 

I have a wonderful husband who's really just the greatest:
(sorry for the bad quality of the iphone photos)
We're weird and we made our puppy wear a t-shirt, we're those crazy dog people that treat our dog like our child. but she was really cute:

and its just really beautiful outside. I love fall. 
And I love these two. But I love the human most. 

So really, I'm just grateful. And I'm not even mad anymore. 


  1. You rock, Madi! Love your white auntie! :-)

  2. the chuckie thing is SO sad. poor USU. I also LOVED conference this weekend. super uplifting and inspiring. Also you, your hubby, and your dog are cute!

  3. oooooh I just love the Whites sooooooooo much!!

  4. Love these quptes and you guys look adorable! Great jacket!

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  5. I love you and your blog! So cute!