I'm grateful.

So... I'm really sorry if you're sick of all my fall/autumn pictures. If you hadn't noticed, I just can't get enough of fall. It is GORGEOUS here in Utah right now. Seriously breathtaking. Yellows, oranges,
reds, everywhere.

The beauty of it all hit me especially hard today. School is ROUGH right now. Winding down to graduation, and my 19 credits and a part time job this semester are far from easy. I got done with class today and headed home for a lunch break. Kev and I decided to take our pup Navy for a walk to the park which is right next to our apartment. This is what I saw:

The weather, the leaves, everything about Logan today was incredibly beautiful.
So, I finally did what I should have done all along. I stopped, and enjoyed the beauty that was all around me. It helped me to remember all of my blessings. 
I know God lives and that He and His Son Jesus Christ love me very much. 
I have a wonderful husband. 
I have a wonderful family.
I have the opportunity to go to college and get my degree.
I have the cutest puppy ever. 
I really could go on and on about my blessings and what I'm grateful for, but its not November yet so I'll spare you. :)
But I just needed that small moment today to sit back and remember what's really important in life. 
Its so important to work hard and accomplish your dreams. Its never an easy road to do that, but I know that I have help along the way, and every little thing is gonna be alright. 
And for that, I am grateful. 

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  1. You should NEVER apologize for fall pictured. Ever. :)