The Days of Miss Annie Grace

So my cousin Emily & her husband Paul have the cutest little girl. She's four years old and her name is Annie Grace. Her parents went to attend Education Week for a couple of days, and asked if I would tend her while they were away. I was so excited! I love this cute, sweet little girl so very much. 
We had an absolute blast.

So while her 3 older brothers were learning how to paint with grandpa, we painted nails, fed the ducks, played at the park, found the "magic forest", tried to catch the fairies, walked around the temple, she took a couple bubble baths, had a couple snow cones, colored, and read lots of stories. 

Kevin and I had such a great time with her. It makes me excited to have kids in the (distant:) future. She is so fun and happy, and really just brightens your day. We were driving in the car, and she said to me, "Do you know that Jesus made that tree?" And then as we kept driving, she listed off all of the things that He made, like the cars, the people, the dog, the trash can. It's really amazing how kids can bring things into perspective. 

Man, I just love this little girl so much! 

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