SUMMER... is over.

I've been wanting to update the blog lately, but I can't move on without talking about our summer. Our first summer as a married couple, our first few months being married. Living in Price. :) We had a good time. Price wasn't our favorite place to live, but we definitely made up for it on the weekends. It seemed like every single weekend we were traveling somewhere, (within 3 hours of us, so not TOO far) Most of that traveling came from things like weddings, missionaries, etc, but we definitely had a great time. The best way to describe our summer is in pictures.... so enjoy!

I already blogged a little about my cousin Hailee's wedding, but it was so fun to have all of the Dodd family in town, we had a great time together:

We went hiking:

We went to the Manti Pageant:

We went on a friend trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and stayed in my Grandpa's old hunting cabin:

We joined some of Kevin's family in Lake Powell one weekend:

Went to the Brad Paisley concert:

We went to one of my favorite places, Bear Lake. Bear Lake is so dreamy. I mean, just look at it:

We went to Steamboat Springs, CO for a get together with Kevin's family, we got to see the starting line for the US Pro Cycling Challenge:

We tie-dyed shirts:

We hiked to a waterfall, went to a hot spring, played minute to win-it, and went swimming. We had a great time with Kevin's family, especially those nieces and nephew!

Brandon visited us and we went to the Wave pool:

attended some weddings with these two:

went to the temple:

ANYWAY. Summer 2013 was good to us. But, reality has hit and school is back in session. 
So long sweet summer!

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