Ola's Wedding

If you've been reading my blog, you know about one of my most favorite people in the world, Ola Oluola. You can read all about him here. He's someone I taught when I was a missionary in Kansas City, Missouri. I had the opportunity to go back to MO in December for his baptism, he came out in April for my wedding, and then me, along with 3 others that were also able to teach him, went back to Missouri this past weekend for his WEDDING!
I just love Ola so much. He is an amazing person that brightens up any room. He has this cheesy smile that just makes you want to smile. I really just feel so blessed that I get to have him as a lifelong friend of mine.

Its really very hard for me to express how much my mission and what I experienced there means to me. But, this text from Ola puts things in perspective. THIS is why I went on a mission. And if it was only for Ola, it would have been worth it.

I can't tell you how happy I am that Ola's happy. He's happy because he did what God wanted him to do. It was scary and jumping into the unknown at first to join the church,  but he simply tried to do the right thing, and what he felt like was right for him. And now look at him! All of these doors have opened for him. My heart was bursting with happiness from last weekend, that's for sure. He married the sweetest woman, her name is Pam and she is perfect for him. 

I'm kicking myself for not bringing a better camera, so you'll have to settle for these crappy iphone photos. 

4 of the 6 missionaries that taught Ola: Tawni, Natalie, Paige, and me. 

This video has terrible quality but its great:

It was also great to go to our old stomping grounds, as missionaries we were able to give people tours of Historic Liberty Jail and The Independence Visitor's Center. If you're not familiar with Liberty Jail, it may seem strange what I would spend so much time as a missionary there. You can learn more about it here
One of my favorite things that came from Liberty Jail are these words, 
"The Son of Man hath descended below them all, art though greater than He?"
D&C 122-7-8

I try to remember this when things are hard for me, it helps me remember I can always turn to the Savior, and He can make it all right when no one else can.

The replica of Liberty Jail, in the same place it once stood:

The beautiful Kansas City Temple:

So to sum it all up, I'm happy for Ola and his new wife Pam, happy for past experiences, happy for new experiences. and happy for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Yay for Pam and Ola!

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  1. that dancing video was superb! his little back bend-arms in the air.. perfect