No School Fridays

Just so you know, this semester is INSANE. Seriously insane. I am taking 19 credits and Kevin is taking 18. (yes we must be crazy) Kevin has a part time job at a computer company here in Logan. I also have a part time job for a small university doing graphic design. (my hours are whenever I want them to be. oh yeah!) So, with those things, you can imagine how ridiculously busy we are. 
BUT, don't feel too bad for me, because with all that craziness I still somehow found the time to go on a little adventure up the mountain yesterday. (No school on Fridays. oh yeah!) I could have been spent those hours being SO productive, but this won out instead :)

So Bergen and I set off for the mountain. The thing I love about the place I live, is that the canyon is literally less than 5 minutes away, and the bottom of the hike took less than 10 minutes to get too. 
I love the mountains. 
It had been pouring rain all night and all morning, but by noon when we went it was the perfect temperature and just a little bit of mist going on. 

CAUTION: an excess of goldendoodle puppy pictures await you. you have been warned. 

Navy was a little trooper on the hike. She was loving it!

This one kills me. That look...

A puppy is the best kind of accessory:

The Wind Caves! we made it! The Wind Caves are cool because its a totally natural formation that has been created by non other than.. the wind! Pretty neat. 

Across the way we saw the "China Wall"

Just getting all up close and personal:

Love this friend Bergen of mine. Sometimes hiking's just good for the soul. 

Autumn is almost here!

So lil Navy pup got a bit tired on the way down, so we came up with a solution. 
You guys. I just die at her cuteness. 

And there you have it. 
"If you're lucky enough to be in the mountains.. you're lucky enough."
-The Sound and the Fury


  1. This looks like too much fun an your dog is too cute! is it some sort of poodle mix? I have 2 labradoodles...
    good luck in school and thanks for visiting twirl!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I want to hike! Love your pup!

  3. your eyes are brilliant and huge! I love them so so much. Also aaron is OBSESSED with your puppy, he is soo so cute.

    1. well I guess what means you guys need to get one! puppy AND baby. that sounds so fun... haha

  4. Beautiful photos!
    I love your pup!

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  6. oh my goodness is that your dog?! so freaking cute!! makes me want a golden doodle!

    1. yes you totally should! she's the cutest and so fun.

  7. Love the mountains as well! And omg I'm stealing that dog!


  8. You need to get one of those Ergo baby carriers for Navy!