California Weekend Trip

This past weekend was definitely one to remember. 
Back in the summer, Kevin and some of our friends (the guys) were talking seriously about going to the USU vs USC football game. I was informed how amazing The Trojan's stadium is, (has hosted the Olympics twice, the Superbowl once, and the World Series once) It has alway been a dream of Kevin's to go there, as his dad grew up in the area and always told him how cool it was. 
Originally, it was just going to be a guys trip, but somehow, it turned into this:

That's right folks, that's a fifteen passenger van chalked full with15 people. 
It was definitely the party bus. But the front seats became coveted and the back seat became dreaded. 
This was taken as we were almost there, so we were just ready be done with our looong drive. 

We set out on Thursday night, slept in Mesquite and then made it to CA Friday morning. 
Sam and Jenn's cousins let us stay at their house, they were so sweet! This was a very inexpensive trip which was great. 
As we got to California, it was a little overcast, but us Utahns were just happy to be at the beach. Newport beach to be exact. 

Our trip consisted of 6 married couples and 3 single guys. 15 of us in the van, and then our fellow Aggies Adam and Kristin flew in from Tennessee, and Fizzle flew in from Denver. It was quite the reunion. 

It was seriously so good to see Kristin! love this girl!

That night we attended the Angels vs Mariners game. Neither team is very good right now, but Kevin was excited to go because being from the Seattle area, the Mariners are his team :) 
photo cred on this one goes to Sam Anderson:

Saturday was the day of the big game, and we were all pretty excited. Unfortunately, Utah State lost, but they played hard, and did really well. We're all still proud to be Aggies! And the whole experience of the campus and the stadium was really cool. 

Then, we headed to The Grove mall in LA. It was such a cool place and we spent hours there. Sprinkles cupcakes, The apple store (gotta get that new iphone) tons of puppies, Nike, and fountains. 

I think I'm so funny. I took this picture in the apple store (which was PACKED by the way because of the new iphone 5s release.) However, I took it on Kevin's Galaxy 4S. I got some annoyed looks from some of the employees. 

All in all it was a great short and sweet trip with great friends. 

The time came to pile back in the van, and as always, the ride home was a lot longer than the ride there. Monday at school felt like I'd been hit by a bus, but it was a fun trip and all worth it. 


  1. I love that you took a 15 passenger van out there! Did you all stay in the same house? I love the Grove and have some friends that live right off the USC campus and love it. So fun!

    1. six couples stayed in one house and then the rest had a hotel nearby! Seriously, I love that area!

  2. What an awesome trip!

  3. I loved reading every single word of this post and thoroughly enjoyed your photos!

  4. LOOks like a blast! I remember those kinds of trips, but always came home exhausted! I'm following you back!

  5. Hi friend!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment :) and thank you for following! You have a lovely life, what wondferul and happy pictures!! New follower here, happy weekend!