The Summer of Weddings

Let's just call this summer, "The Summer of Weddings"
Kevin and I have attended 4 weddings this summer, all in the temple. Its been so great to go to that many weddings so close after our own. Its really helped to remind us of what's really important. And its been so fun because some of our best friends in the world have gotten married! So that's just really happy. Kevin was a groomsmen twice, and I was a bridesmaid twice. Pretty neat!
This is what our board in our kitchen looked like up there.
First was Adam & Kristin. We took a fun trip with these two to St. George back in January. They are so much fun! I remember both of us asking each other, (because neither of us were engaged yet) "Soooo.....hypothetically speaking, when are you guys getting married?' And both of us nonchalantly answered, "mmmmmm sometime in the summer?" And look at us now! Kevin and I sure love these two and their wedding was a total blast!
The night before was their wedding dinner and it as fun for all the friends to get together to celebrate these two:

There big day was May 16 in the SLC temple. So happy for them!

Then, a month later the friends got together again because it was time for Mike & Steph's Wedding! Mike and Kevin grew up together in Washington and came to Utah State together, so it was fun that they both got married so close to each other. (april & june) Mike & Steph actually started dating back in 2010 around the same time kevin and I started dating. Then I went on a mission, mike and steph broke up, but then it eventually all worked out in the end. They also got married in the Salt Lake temple. It was such a happy happy day for this happy happy couple:

Then a couple weeks later, my cousin Hailee got married!! Hailee and I are very close in age and she's also one of my best friends! She's from Couer d'alene, Idaho, but her and her family moved to Logan a couple years ago and its been really fun having them around. Hailee and Peter got married in the Logan temple and it was so fun to have all of the family in town for the wedding. They are a great couple! Hailee made basically all of the decorations for their reception and it was beautiful!

They had their reception in our backyard and it was so beautiful! I'm so happy for Hailee and Peter!!

Then, last but not least was one of my best friends, Courtney's wedding!! Courtney and I became friends our sophomore year at USU, served missions at the same time, came home within a couple months of each other, and now got married within a few months of each other! I love this girl and couldn't be happier for her and Reilly! He's from New Mexico, goes to BYU, she's from Chicago, goes to Utah State, so it was a little difficult to think of a place to have their wedding. But, they chose the Brigham City temple as a neutral location. There was also some family history there so it just made sense. Their wedding was beautiful and it was so fun to be part of it.
I just love Courtney's dress!

So there you have it. Weddings Weddings Weddings! There is such a happy, fun vibe at weddings, but my favorite part has definitely been going to all of the sealings in the temple. 
Time & ALL eternity. 


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  2. Seriously? Such cute friends. Cute pictures. Looks like you had an AMAZING time. Also, that last picture of the temple? Holy stunning.