Goodbye to my Missionary Siblings

Right after our wedding in April, it was time to say goodbye to my younger sister, Hillary. She headed off to the Florida Jacksonville Mission, to serve as a missionary for our church. Hillary was a big reason our wedding was moved to up to April in the first place, I couldn't get married without my only sister there! The four of us kids are so close. We are each other's best friends. It was so hard to say goodbye. We dropped her off at the Provo Missionary Training Center and the whole fam was there except for Kevin because he had to work. Saying goodbye was hard, but I'm so proud of her, and she's doing so well in the mission field. Love my sister!

Goodbyes are hard. Don't mind the fact that I look like a dork. :)

The night before she left when she was set apart. The last time the family would be together for over two years. :(
Our last sight of Hillary:

In the car literally moments before we dropped her off:

The fam minus Kevin. Love my family!

Then as if saying goodbye to one sibling wasn't hard enough, July 3 came around and it was time to say goodbye to my brother Austin who was called to the Indiana Indianapolis mission. In October President Monson changed the missionary age, allowing young men to leave on their mission at age 18 after they graduated high school. So quite literally, Austin just graduated High School!

It was hard saying goodbye to my baby brother! He'd never left home before, and I guess my big sister protectiveness came out. So it was sad. But no matter how sad I was saying goodbye to ANOTHER sibling, I thought to myself, "why are we doing this? why are we putting ourselves through this??" And then I remembered. The same reason that I went to Missouri and Kansas for a year and a half.  Because the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. As members of the church we wouldn't put ourselves through this if it wasn't true. And everyone deserves the happiness the gospel brings. So that made me feel better :)
I think the one it was hardest for though was my 14 year old brother Brandon. Brandon and Austin are so close. But Brandon instagrammed right after we dropped Austin off, with tears running down his face, about how proud he was of his brother. It was tender. 

The reunion that's going to happen when Hillary & Austin come home is going to be epic. 
But, until then, We'll be there for Brandon :) 


  1. You guys are an amazing family and great examples to us all!!

  2. Love you and your family!!! Can't wait for the epic reunion.