Ready for a great story?

So I served a mission. I went to the Missouri Independence Mission and got home last August. In my last area, I met Ola Oluola. He's from Nigeria and works as a doctor in Kansas City. We met him because he attended the Kansas City Temple Openhouse all on his own because he thought it was such a beautiful building. 
Soon after I'd been home I received this e-mail from Ola:

Long story short, Ola got baptized on December 1, 2013. There were six of us that helped to teach him, 3 of which had gone home already. So Ola, being the amazing person that he is, helped fly the three of us back out to Missouri to be there for his baptism. 

Look how happy he looks! 

Flash forward to when we got married in April. As we walked out of the temple that beautiful, sunny Friday morning, you can imagine my shock and surprise when I witness this wonderful sight:

Dear, wonderful Ola came to our wedding! He flew all the way from KC to be there.  I knew he was planning to be at the luncheon, but the fact that he was there outside the temple was so special. At our luncheon, he got up during open mic and said, "My name is Ola, and I'm a Mormon." which lead to everyone cheering for him, which brought a tear to my eye. He told the story of my companion and I showing up at his door that day, and how he was a little surprised to see two young ladies there, but that he was impressed by our meekness and listened to what we had to say. 
I simply feel grateful that Heavenly Father let me meet Ola in the first place. It could have been any missionary, But I got to be one of them. He is an amazing person, and I know he has done and will do great things. Ola calls all of us missionaries that taught him, his "BSF" Best. Sisters. Forever. 
And its true, Ola's my family now. 


  1. You were an amazing missionary! We love hearing about all your stories!! It's fun being out and aeay from home and seeing so many lives change for the good and the light being lit in so many's lives. We can't wait to see you again....and actually let you hug and squeeze our little ones this time :)

  2. Annnnnnnnd remember how great it was in his toast when Ola said to Kevin... that if she (you) could make him Mormon it will be very difficult to ever tell her no. I loved that! Your wedding was so perfect! Love you Madi!!!

  3. Oh Madi! I just teared up a little bit! Such and amazing story and man!