Our Belated Honeymoon

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We got married April 12, my sister Hillary left on her LDS mission to The Florida Jacksonville Mission on April 17, and then we had a week of finals before we could really sit back and relax after our wedding. But sit back and relax we did! 

We started our trip in beautiful University Place Washington, near Seattle, which is where Kevin grew up. It was absolutely gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful couple of days there. Seriously, it was breathtaking. The reason we went there was for a wedding openhouse. It was so fun to meet everyone from Kevin's home. 

Before the openhouse started, we got to ride scooter's around Puget Sound all day. I'm telling you, picture perfect. 

we also were able to spend some time in Seattle. I could seriously see Kevin and I ending up in the Northwest someday. Its gorgeous, rain or shine. 
I love Pike Place Market. if you've never been you NEED to go. we browsed the stands, ate some seafood nearby, and fed some ravenous seagulls. It was fun to have both of our parents with us.

For some odd reason one of my favorite places in Seattle is the gum wall. Its disgustingly artsy. We definitely left our mark. 

After our fabulous weekend in Washington, we headed to our Bahamas Cruise. I had never been on a cruise before, and didn't know quite what to expect. But, I think the pictures speak for themselves:

That time Kevin buried me in the sand and a fellow tourist insisted on taking a picture. I was dying. 

And then, as if we weren't spoiled enough, we got to spend three days at Disneyworld. This was a dream come true for me. I have ALWAYS loved Disney, and I have always dreamed of going to Disney with my husband. (cheesy? totally.) We were so tired every day, but had SO much fun. I promise we're not always this spoiled. 

The day we were in the Magic Kingdom, I checked Instagram, and saw that Sophia Grace and Rosie (from Ellen) were in the park. I kept looking and looking for them, but never found them. But by the looks of their pictures, they were so close to us! Next time. 

I couldn't have asked for a better Vacation with my Kev. We literally had the time of our lives, and didn't want it to end. 
Now back to reality. ;)

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