4.12.13 was the most perfect day ever!

 photo wedding.jpg

April 12, 2013 was undoubtedly the best day of my life. It really couldn't have been more perfect. The day it became possible for us to be together forever, surrounded by our family and friends? What could possibly be better? photo temple.jpg

Here are our wonderful families. So grateful they could all be there for our big day.  photo ourfamilies.jpg It wouldn't have been so great if it weren't for these people right here: This is everyone that came to support us that day, in or outside the temple. I was amazed with the love and support we were shown. I will never forget walking into the room into the temple to get married, and was just overwhelmed seeing these wonderful people that we love, and feeling the presence of those seen and unseen. The Spirit was so strong, and I will never forget it. We also had Sister Burton, the General Relief Society president, and Brother Burton, who was Kevin's Mission President there with us.  photo everyone.jpg Our extended families. The top is my family,and the bottom is Kevin's. During the course of the day, there was not one member of my extended family that didn't make it. Both of our families traveled near and far to be there and we are so grateful for them.  photo families.jpg

Coming out of the temple. happy happy happy.  photo APRIL12.jpg

Our very own barber shop quartet: photo april122.jpg  photo 41213.jpg

My one and only sister Hillary. The reason we got married in april before school got out was because of this girl. She was leaving on her mission on April 17. She's my only sister and so of course I couldn't get married without her being there. I love my sister. 

Our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: Love these guys and girls to the moon and back  photo both.jpg

My girls. I was asked why I was having so many bridesmaids, and the reason is, there really isn't one of these girls I could have left off. Each one of them is one of my best friends and they come from all walks of my life. Childhood, Middle School, High School, College, Mission, Love them all!  photo bridesmaids.jpg

The guys:  photo groomsmen.jpg

Our friends. Love 'em. We seriously have the greatest friends.  photo friends.jpg

Our wedding luncheon. We were asked by Kevin's dad if we wanted to spend the wedding budget on a nice, fancy luncheon, or spend the bulk of it on the honeymoon. So of course we chose honeymoon. :) Our luncheon was perfect though. We played "the shoe game" which was hilarious, and then had an open mic. People said the nicest things, and made us feel great! Pictured on the left is my cousin Caytee and sister Hillary. Caytee is the older sister I never had and she flew her family from Maryland to be there. On the left is some of my mission friends. Kavea even came all the way from Australia!  photo luncheon.jpg

Our Reception. It was PERFECT. I wouldn't change a thing. A HUGE shout-out to my mom for her fabulous decorations. Our reception was just a huge party, which was exactly what we wanted.  photo reception.jpg  photo receptionellow.jpg  photo anwmoxkvvc44.jpg

Dancing with my dad. One of my favorite parts of the day. Finally some one on one time with my wonderful dad. Love that guy.
 photo cmp_7068.jpg
After the dances, we had a big dance party with props and everything. It was a great time.  photo dancers.jpg
Cake/Bouquet/Garter  photo cakecorsagebouquet.jpg  photo leaving.jpg We had an app people could download on their phones called, "Wedding Party" they took pictures of everything throughout our big day and the pictures were streaming during our reception. So fun!
madelinefromparis11's wedding party app album on Photobucket
 photo wedding3.jpg  photo wedding2.jpg
So there's some pictures for you of our big day. Aka, the best day of our lives. I loved my dress, I loved my colors, I love our families and friends, I loved our cake, I loved everything about that day. But most of all, I love the fact that I get to be with Kevin White forever. How'd I get so lucky?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS your wedding looked AMAZING and you are such a gorgeous bride! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. this is so beautiful! :) i am LOVING the colors...and those cardigans on the boys. love them!